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Reviews for Greg's Magical Arse

shacky20 10/30/06 - 09:09PM 1: Crack!
OK, that was so not crackfic, that was just hilarious, and Greggo, faking it??? That is kind of hard to imagine, but poor Nicky, didn't feel like a man, and poor Greggo, having to lie again, but having Nick carry you to bed, so worth it....

Author's Response: It was humor, born from crack, that may have become a little more then crack. And Greg really did do a number on Nick's ego, but he made up for it, I think.

Claire_D 10/30/06 - 11:02AM 1: Crack!
:D Ah Greggo

Author's Response: XD he is a character.

LisMin 10/30/06 - 04:36AM 1: Crack!
Hee, it might be crack but it's good crack! =D

Author's Response: Thank you. I think it turned out slightly less crack-y then I had thought (but I still think it's crack)!

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