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Reviews for Greg Sanders, private dick #2

ItGlitters 11/13/06 - 12:48PM 4: 4/4 Blackmail is Ugly Business
I was up to nearly 2 in the morning because of this fic. That is all. XD

Author's Response: Heh. Been there, done that. I hope you enjoyed it anyway. I figure it's a good story if it keeps you wanting to know what happens next. That is all. :-D

ItGlitters 11/12/06 - 09:50PM 1: 1/4 Blackmail is Ugly Business
I've been sitting on this for a while now.... And I just started today, and yeah. Actually, what happened is that I was reading the first part this afternoon and was very sleepy, and I fell asleep, which was not a bad thing. I have very lovely dreams.

Author's Response: Boy, I'm bad, I didn't even see your comment. Yeah, sending people to sleep, it's just what every author has in mind! LOL! But as long as you had lovely dreams…

Lonewolfe001 11/03/06 - 01:23PM 4: 4/4 Blackmail is Ugly Business
FANTASTIC FIC!!! more please

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm always happy that you like my stories. I can't wait to post 3 soon, just waiting for the beta. Thank you! :-D

shacky20 11/02/06 - 10:26PM 4: 4/4 Blackmail is Ugly Business
OK, really what can I say but , DAMN GIRL, that was just hot from beginning to end, starting from his office, to his penthouse, the openess, the trusting, Greg feeling love for the first time in a long time probably. I absolutely loved this, and of course, cannot wait until Part 3, you have me completely addictted here, and you so know you do.. This is an incredible series you have going here, the characters are true to themselves, yet are their own uniquie selves in the fic. Can't wait fo rmore..

Author's Response: Yes, Greg has run away from love or its facsimile for a long time. And I do try to keep it fresh in the love scenes, and not just write the same thing each time, even tho we only have two arms and two legs and there's just so much two people can do, but still. This is Nick and Greg. Plus I put Nick on the bottom for you. Hee! I am glad I am not alone in my addiction. I think part of the reason I'm writing more is once I step into their world, I don't want to leave it. It's very flattering to me that you say it's incredible. One of the reasons I'm attracted to AUs, I think, is I like the challenge of taking their characters somewhere else and trying to keep them real. Thank you, honey. :-D

Zrondia 11/02/06 - 10:11PM 4: 4/4 Blackmail is Ugly Business
I just finished reading chapters 2-4. Fantastic! I loved Mrs. Atwater, so calm and calculating. And of course I loved the scenes between Greg and Nick. I'm very glad Greg is falling for Nick despite himself, but really can you blame him? ; ) Can't wait for case number 3!!

Author's Response: That's the way to do it, read them all together. It's a bummer that I can't post the whole thing in one shot, but I'm just too verbose. I loved Mrs Atwater being calm and calculating, but also Greg, out thinking her and letting her think she won. And of course, adore the N/G in the same room, they are just so made for each other. Who could blame Greg? I mean, Nick. Look at him. And then look back at Greg. They're both so pretty. *pets them and puts them back in their box.* I'm so glad you're enjoying this! I can't wait to get 3 up either. :-D

PsychoGeek 11/02/06 - 08:16PM 4: 4/4 Blackmail is Ugly Business
Absolutely wonderful. Great installment in the Private Dick stories. Can't waint for the next one.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm so glad you liked it. I have a feeling there may be a few more. I'm just waiting for beta to post #3 and I hope you'll enjoy that one too. :-D

shacky20 11/02/06 - 11:19AM 4: 4/4 Blackmail is Ugly Business
You know how much I love you, just what I needed this morning, and your summary alone is enough is make me blush SSSHHHH, thank you thank you thank you throws you sugar, chocolate chip, and peanut butter cookies

Author's Response: The summary made you blush? Go me! Hee! I am so glad you're so enthusiastic about this because I'm having so much fun with it! *Takes the sugar, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies.* How did you know what I like? :-D

Rpgirl 11/02/06 - 05:26AM 1: 1/4 Blackmail is Ugly Business
Wow, I think this was my favorite chapter out of the bunch. It was intense, and now i'm sad that this case is over. But I'm eagerly waiting for case file 3. Great story!

Author's Response: Was it because of the smut? LOL. Or the revelation that private dicks actually do like cuddling? Hee! I am so enjoying writing thiis story and it makes me so happy that you're enjoying it. Otherwise, I'd just have to write them and not post. Thank you very much, just waiting for the beta and then we can do 3. :-D

Frankie 11/02/06 - 01:20AM 4: 4/4 Blackmail is Ugly Business
I've got to admit that despite my dislike for Mr. Szmanda's attempt at being hardboiled last season, I'm *REALLY* enjoying this fic.

Author's Response: You really didn't enjoy his attempt? I thought it was cute and in fact, it inspired me to write this. That makes it even more flattering that you're enjoying this and I'm so glad. Thank you! :-D

shacky20 11/01/06 - 10:51PM 3: 3/4 Blackmail is Ugly Business
Damn, once again you had me, I had no clue, and I absolutely loved the way you played Terri, I always liked her, and she fit perfectly into this, so now Archie's blackmailer is dead, and the case is solved, so Part 4, is Nicky going to have some explaining to do, and I like Greg's independence, how Mr. Big makes it a point to look after Greg, not the other way around.... And hungry pig bottom Nick, girl you're driving me crazy, I have a whole binder to fill with this story, I'll be waiting, and cookies, definitely cookies....

Author's Response: Cool! That seems to be a good thing in mysteries. I loved Terri and I loved how she smacked Grissom down. She was a very strong woman and I thought if she took it just a little further, she could be quite ruthless. Yep, had to kill off Archie's blackmailer. It's really the only effective way to deal with them because even if you sling them in jail the info is still in their head. I love Greg's independence and also how Nick sort of tries to look after him, but not get in his way. It expresses his feelings, but also his respect. I don't think Greg gets enough respect on the show. Hee, I know you have a kink for greedy bottom pig Nick. I shall be awaiting the cookies. Thank you, sweetie! :-D

shacky20 11/01/06 - 08:10AM 3: 3/4 Blackmail is Ugly Business
I love you for you feeding me so regularly, I wake up after a long and crappy night, and come over here and lookie at what I see, another update. Yesterday I had to go and buy two packs of paper, yes 1000 sheets, two new ink cartridges, and four new biders to print off all of this great fic lately, I got most of it done, and here is more, I can pay in cookies, ask Matt, I'm good at that. I loved the way it ended last, yes, their professions take opposite paths, but I wanna know who hurt Greg and what does Nick know, and what does Nick exactly do, pay off everyone to leave his business alone...... You so just too awesome, I wish I had my own AU Award to give to you for this, now off to print this...............

Author's Response: Cookies… Mmmmm… we take cookies. We probably shouldn't in the interests of our hips but we do. I'm so glad you're enjoying this. I think we're going to find out who hurt Greg in #4, I've started it. And their professions will continue to be a problem for them but they will juggle. Oooh, I would like an AU award from you. And maybe I could give you a vid award! Thanks, sweetie! :-D

Rpgirl 11/01/06 - 06:39AM 3: 3/4 Blackmail is Ugly Business
Yay for quick updates! I usually don't like mysteries, but I love yours to pieces. It's so well written, and it's such a good thing to wake up to. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Yeah, after I started one fic, which is still dragging on, I realized how much less stressful it is to write them first and then post. So once I start, I usually bull my way through. Thank you very much for saying it's well written. I try to take pains and it's nice to have it recoged. Mine def don't fall into the train schedule kind, but I hope to improve. Thank you! :-D

shacky20 10/31/06 - 10:34PM 2: 2/4 Blackmail is Ugly Business
Oh getting down to the dirty side of life here, interesting. So, how will the boys deal, can Greg keep doing this with a man who stands for things he's fighting against, and can Greg stay away and see past the other stuff, somehow I see a lot more passionate smut in the future for thest two. And OK, can I like hire you just to keep writing these and supplied with my smut and dirty and nasty and cocky PI Greg, cause girl, this just keeps getting better and hotter and angier and steamy with every chapter, loving it....

Author's Response: Yes. You can definitely hire me to keep writing these, altho I would keep writing them anyway. I am so sucked into their world, it's kind of scary. And I think there will be much more opportunity for all kinds of smutty goodness between them. I think the conflict between their careers is going to come up again in this series. I don't see how it can be avoided. They're going to walk a delicate line and I think their feelings for each other will help with that. I do see some fights ahead for them, but that just gives them the opp for a lot of makeup sex, right? I just love cocky PI Greg, but also confident Nick, who knows what he wants and goes after it. Well, I hope I just don't end up boring everyone writing this past its prime. Thank you so much for such lovely compliments. I really appreciate them. :-D

PsychoGeek 10/31/06 - 06:48PM 2: 2/4 Blackmail is Ugly Business
It's official, I love you. This is by far my favorite story and I can't wait to read the next chapter. I just love how you mix the humor, the sex, and the action together. Absolutely wonderful.

Author's Response: Hee! I'm so glad you love me and I'm happy to love you right back. Favourite story? Wow, that takes my breath away. I have to admit, I like reading stories that aren't completely serious, I like the funny!hot myself. Putting the action in is new but I'm really enjoying writing this series. There will be more. Thank you for your lovely compliments and I hope you'll keep loving it. :-D

shacky20 10/31/06 - 09:16AM 1: 1/4 Blackmail is Ugly Business
Oh, and now I wake up to a part 2, but I couldn't have stayed awake last night to read it, so tonight after trick or treating, I know what I'll be doing. I so need to get another print cartridge so I can print these off, and yeah, I could never imagine writing a mystery, my mind couldn't wrap around that I don't think. So yeahness, so happy to see this, and more to come, more steamy hot sex scenes, that alone is inspriation, and just imagining Mr. Big and Greg Sander Private Dick is beyond steamy and lovin it. Unhook Chem???? HAAAHHHAAAAA, never, not until Greg falls on his knees and begs for Nick's forgiveness, and then his parents. Thank you for writing this, I love it, and you desreve much kudo's for your imagination in giving us these two characters....

Author's Response: Thank you very much. Now I'm zonked after a busy day and having to answer the trick or treaters. Writing the mystery is challenging, but so far no one has pointed out any grievous errors and hopefully I'll get better at it. I feel like there is lots to be mined in this vein. So very glad you're enjoying it because I'm enjoying writing them, even tho I'm not making any sense at the moment. To your new cartridge. Cheers! :-D

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