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Reviews for Greg Sanders, private dick

katlynn888 07/13/08 - 02:48PM 2: 2/2 Casefile No. 1: The Tables are Turned
Ep! Tummy churning! hehe. I loved this. I expecially liked Miss Tina. haha. *Evil laugh* And it took me, like, ten minutes to figure that out. I am so stupid. This was too good! -Lynn

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it. And you're not stupid; I work really hard to hide the clues so you WON'T get it! That's the fun of writing a mystery altho it took me a while to figure it out. Thank you so much for commenting; it always makes my day! :-D

shacky20 10/24/06 - 11:56AM 2: 2/2 Casefile No. 1: The Tables are Turned
Yes, I can write two reviews because it's my site, that's why. Hee, I just always wanted to say that. So, yeahness, and so when do we get that next one, you know my birthday was yesterday,...... I would love a little more Private Dick Greg Sanders, it really sucked and it would make me so happy. Me smut? Thanks, I wonder how I ever got to write that cause I'm so boring you have no idea, and those awards, you so deserve them, I still can't believe we tied last year, tied, I wonder how many we got to tie???? Wasn't my year, but I'm just so happy to see all this great new Nick/Greg fic and the site doing so well that I couldn't be happier...... Well maybe a little more Mr. Beautiful could make me happy..........Soon??? Please?????

Author's Response: Hey, more reviews are always ok by me! Hee! I'm glad I accidentally gave you a birthday gift then. I'm doomed, I've already written #3 and have notes for #4 and 5. I suck. However, smut? Casefiles? Angst? We will have all of that. Most unfortunately I've fallen in love and I will be treading the noir path for a while. I really hope you enjoy them. I think we got to tie because they were both stories that people like. I know you haven't written much this year, but maybe you should start an award thingy on this site. That way we wouldn't be competing against all other pairings and other CSI shows. Plus, there needs to be some place that you can compete with your brilliant vids. I am sorry I'm so dilatory about posting, I get writing and I forget to post. I have a new chapter of Baby Steps ready too, but it'll have to wait for me to get through this Casefile. Loves.

shacky20 10/23/06 - 11:33PM 2: 2/2 Casefile No. 1: The Tables are Turned
OK, I waited until I had quality alone time, (kids in bed) so I could read all of this, and Hot Damn girl, that was some smoking scene there, and I was like no no no no it can't be over already, what's Greg running from, he can't just leave now, and then those wonderful words, Coming soon, casefile #2, you made my day, literally. I had a really crappy day, and now I have this new one to look forward to, so cannot wait, Another fantastic job, and congrats on the fanfic awards, you so deserved both of them, two right? Great job and will be anxiously awaiting more.

Author's Response: Yep, two and I am totally thrilled with the awards. You have no idea how much it means to me. So glad you enjoyed it. You are a master of smoking smut scenes yourself so that's high praise.. And we will find out what Greg is running from. I never meant for this to happen, but it looks like it's becoming a series. I've always wanted to write a mystery but I never thought I could. Case 2 is written and Case 3 is most of the way done. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I'm enjoying writing them. It is such a blast to take Greg back there. I feel like the show underestimates him. He's very clever and brave and resourceful and I just wanted to give him a chance to show off. Thank you, sweetie. Mwahhhh!

ItGlitters 10/21/06 - 07:51PM 1: 1/2 Casefile No. 1: Who Killed Red Rose?
So Kennedy and Chem have been yelling at me to read this. I've gotten through the first chapter and Holy Jeebus. I love the period... and, well... I love the sex. =D

Author's Response: Ooh, you bend to pressure! Good to know. So glad you're enjoying it. I love the period and the noir, and when I saw Rashomama, I just put a double-breasted suit and fedora on Greg and I was off and running. Not to mention all the puns, Mr Dick and Mr Big. Hee! Thank you honey, and I shall hope the sex continues to be enjoyable. :-D

PsychoGeek 10/21/06 - 09:30AM 2: 2/2 Casefile No. 1: The Tables are Turned
I really loved this story. It was funny, it was well thought out, and I could actually picture Greg as a private dick. Great job and i hope you write more soon.

Author's Response: I am so glad you enjoyed it. And thank you for those words of praise. After his little detective riff in Rashomama I thought he was perfect for this role. I have already written a second case and am working on the third so I hope you'll enjoy them too. Thank you very much! :-D

shacky20 10/20/06 - 11:48AM 1: 1/2 Casefile No. 1: Who Killed Red Rose?
OK, finally got all of Part 1 read last night, and girl I LOVE IT!! You've nailed Greg, no pun intended, perfectly. The way he talks, his actions, his thoughts, just brilliant. I'm loving this. I'm waiting until tonight to read part 2 cause hubby is working and I have my Chicken BBQ pizza from CPK and a bottle of Chenin Blanc, and my brand new season 2 NY DVD's tonight after soccer game, and this is on the list too, I so cannot wait, and only two parts, this is just so fabulous, you truly have a gift with the AU's girl. Love it.

Author's Response: Thank you! I had a blast writing it. Greg in Rashomama totally inspired me when he started doing that Raymond Chandler riff and I thought how perfect he was for a film noir character. And how good he'd look in the clothes. I'm so glad you're loving it, but I'd better watch it with the AUs. It's just such a challenge tho, to take them into another universe and try to keep their characters intact. So glad you loved it! Kisses. Mwahhh. :-D

Zrondia 10/19/06 - 09:49PM 2: 2/2 Casefile No. 1: The Tables are Turned
Awesome story! I love the whole film noir private eye theme. So glad to see another AU story from you. They're my favorite, you always pay attention to detail while keeping some essence of Nick and Greg. Can't wait till Greg Sanders, Private Dick is on the case once again : )

Author's Response: Thank you! I am so glad you like it. I'm uneasily aware I'm getting a rep for AU but I really do write other stuff too. However, this concept has just taken me by the throat and I've already written 2, and 3 has started with plans for more. I do try to pay attention to their characters and take them along into the AU. Thank you for noticing! :-D

Liriel 10/17/06 - 04:47AM 1: 1/2 Casefile No. 1: Who Killed Red Rose?
Nick... as a bad boy... *swoon* You soooo know how to scratch my itch! That is all. *goes back to drooling over criminal Nicky*

Author's Response: Oh that's right, you do have that bad boy kink, don't you? Heh heh, even tho he's a criminal, he wouldn't be bad to Greg. At least not beyond tying him to the desk and shagging him senseless. Thanks, honey. :-D

kennedy 10/16/06 - 06:19AM 1: 1/2 Casefile No. 1: Who Killed Red Rose?
ZOMG!!!1!!111!!! Best AU ever! Yes, seriously. You know how devoted I am to Pirates but you have surpassed even that. The noir is spot on, the chemistry is beyond everything... I don't even know how to put into words how good this is.

Author's Response: You are a noir-head. The things I didn't know about you. I am so flattered that you consented to read Pirates, and that I could persuade you to read this, no, not just read it, BETA it! Squeee! Thank you for your so lovely compliments. I really appreciate them. You make my head swell to almost normal size. LOL. xox

nickygirl2405 10/16/06 - 04:51AM 1: 1/2 Casefile No. 1: Who Killed Red Rose?
hey girl, i just want too say that i like that one a lot. and that i cant wait for more too come. =) well i have to get going now, so i'll talk too you later sometime alright bye for now. =)

Author's Response: Woot! She gives me a review! Thank you! I know you don't usually. Heh, well the second part is up and that's the story. Hope you like it and talk to you soon. Bye. :-D

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