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Reviews for Looking for Katie

shacky20 10/11/06 - 10:27AM 1: Chapter one
Please tell me you already have part 2 ready to go. Love the beginning, the set up for the case was so well done, I'm highly impressed. And the little slight touches, the small things between the boys, and I always love the ones where Nick is the one who secretly longs for Greg. And bringing up the case from "Snuff", brillian idea. I have now officially started poking you.

dagsrommer 10/11/06 - 09:25AM 1: Chapter one
a very promising start! The story seems interresting. Yoou describe Nick and Greg very good, as ever (I guess you have their character im your blood now?). The language... the flow in your stories are some of what I love the most, and you have that perfect rhytm here as well. Looking forward to more...

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