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Reviews for Nick's no slut (He's got a man to go home to.)

katlynn888 07/22/08 - 06:04PM 1: 1/1
lolzies. I loved this. Don't insult the faghags! My mom says I'm a faghag. lol. :) I like being around gay peoples, okay? And I only read, I don't :) loved this. *cookies and hugs* -Lynn

Author's Response: Hell, I'm not insulting faghags, I AM one! I would never insult them or the gay peoples. LOL. So glad you enjoyed it. Thank you! :-D

candygirl1uk 07/24/07 - 04:51PM 1: 1/1
Ahhh yeah it makes sence now. Good story... Geez ugh dont want to see Catherine getting raped all over again. I was slghtly upset- to say the least when we saw Nick leaving with some random blonde woman. As i'm seeing the whole world of CSI out of order- I'm still upset with him for leaving his friend.... However good story. Well done.... Added you.

Author's Response: Hee! There is almost none of their mistakes we can't explain away, as long as none of them get married. Hell no, Catherine was damaged enough by what they did. The CSI world is out of order. I know it will have to end one day, but I would be happier if I knew we would see Nick and Greg walk away hand in hand. Le sigh. Thank you! :-D

BrightEyes 10/02/06 - 11:07PM 1: 1/1
I'm so glad you've written an explaination for Nick's behavior. It makes a lot of sense, more sense than what I can piece together from Catherine's cloudy memories. Good job!

Author's Response: That is the sad part of this story. I am so upset with what happened to Catherine and her memories will be cloudy. You just know that Nick will be eaten with guilt when he finds out what happened to her and Greg will have to keep reminding him that he couldn't have predicted what happened. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had to write it to make sense of it for myself. Thank you! :-D

shacky20 10/02/06 - 07:58PM 1: 1/1
Thank you, I feel much better now. I so need to catch up on Baby Steps and add that to my rec list if it isn't already there. I've been catching up on my N/G since life has been slowing down after the hectic year. Excellent story,maybe I should try to get motivated to write mine, Matt and I were having dueling ideas so I have my thoughts posted in the forums somehwere, after I get this damn video done. You girl, are one of the best out there, so glad to see you still writing.

Author's Response: I am soooo glad you feel better. I had to write this so I feel better. The image of Nick slagging off with the blonde did not make me happy and I didn't want Greg to kick his butt. Listen, I'm so far behind on my reading it isn't even funny. I got slammed with work and now I have a friend visiting. We have to share the internet access so I have even less of a chance. So don't feel bad. It'll still be there when you get to it and thank you for remembering it. I'm getting better at updating. I hope you will get motivated to write yours and I will read it with great interest. And thank you for that extremely gracious and lovely compliment. You know I feel the same about you! :-D

shacky20 10/02/06 - 07:47PM 1: 1/1
EEKKKK! I post ep for "Built to Kill" finally (keeping my mouth shut, I had a plot but did nothing with it) I haven't even read it yet, which I'm going to of course but was so excited as soon as I saw this. My medicine, I have a damned cold or something and feel like shit, how'd you know this is just what I needed.

cercis 10/02/06 - 07:29PM 1: 1/1
I like this, it's a good explination for the girl. Not to mention that it makes Nick look better than the show did with having him just leave without even talking to Catherine to make sure she was ok.

Author's Response: Yeah, really. It's not like Nick, even if he were het, would just march off after one dance with some girl. And I think he would at least TELL Cath he was leaving. After they make him into a good, honest man, (who presumably learned a hard won lesson after Kristy got murdered after he spent the night with her,) it's reasonable that he wouldn't just go do it again. I needed this for my own peace of mind. So thank you for commenting, I really appreciate it. :-D

Wojo 10/02/06 - 04:11PM 1: 1/1
thanks for explaining the girl, knew it was something that simple!! LOL good story. Nick has Greg, he's a lucky man.

Author's Response: You are very welcome. I had to explain it for myself because I couldn't believe that Nick would just do that, not to mention that Greg would have kicked his ass if he wandered off with a girl. TPTB don't know how difficult they are making it for us when we have to explain away whatever stupid-ass thing they make the character do. Glad you liked it! And hey, they're both lucky. :-D

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