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Reviews for Lovers in a Dangerous Time

QueenOfTheUniverse 08/05/07 - 09:50AM 1: 1/1
That was just perfect! I'm so glad, as others have said, that Greg finally let his true self out and walked in the parade. I knew Nick would show up at the end, but it was so awesome when he did. Great work! I can't wait to read your other work when I get the time!

Author's Response: We all hide parts of ourselves to some extent, but I can only imagine the pain of having to hide such an essential part of yourself as your sexuality, knowing that some people consider it wrong and worthy of violence. I knew that Greg would feel free if he marched, although his feet would probably have felt better if he weren't in drag. Of course Nick showed up. He hates being on the outs with his Greggo! Thank you very much. I'm sorry, I am quite a verbose writer, but I hope you'll enjoy them. I have trouble getting time for reading too. Thank you! :-D

Lonewolfe001 09/22/06 - 01:12PM 1: 1/1
Loved it. i was so proud of nicky at the end :-)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Nicky will always do the right thing eventually. His honour will conquer his fear every time. He really is a great man, considering the traumas he's suffered, to carry on like he does. Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-D

pretty_apathetic 09/21/06 - 10:28AM 1: 1/1
Hey, I'm _slytherin_girl over on LJ and I finally created an account here, mostly so I could comment here more easily. That being said, you know I loved this as I love all your work. The one thing I wanted to say, just in case someone says something, is that 'Lovers in a Dangerous Time' is actually by Bruce Cockburn (wonderful last name eh?). BNL just did a cover. Again, great stuff!

Author's Response: Hi cutie! I'm glad you came over here too! Yes, when I first created my account here, I could NOT figure out how to post a story, but it sure helped for the commenting. I am so glad you liked this story. It's different and heavy but it demanded to be written. Thank you for telling me the orig singer's name, someone mentioned this was a cover but I didn't know it had even been sung before. I'm a slug. Thank you very much, it's always gratifying to hear from you! :-D

alexmorgan 09/21/06 - 09:41AM 1: 1/1
gah! this was awesome. and my fave bnl song!!! very well written and enjoyable on so many levels. go pride!!

Author's Response: Oooh it's mine too. It actually inspired the whole story. I just thought of them while listening to it and stayed up waaay too late to write it. Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :-D

shacky20 09/20/06 - 05:37PM 1: 1/1
I enjoyed this, honestly I wasn't sure if it was my type, but I was really touched by it, and the first two paragraphs were as your usual hotness. I finally saw your updates to Baby Steps and I so cannot wait to read it, I'm gonna have to go back and read it all. I have been saving and saving fic the past few days, with so much going on this summer, has left little room for reading, I have much making up to do.

Author's Response: It is a heavy story and light on the smut. I'm not sure why exactly, but I just had feelings on Gay Pride day. I'm so glad you liked it, your opinion means a lot to me. I am so behind on reading. RL just keeps whacking me upside the head. I really meant to read your award winning story and I still haven't. I'm so frustrated, but I'm working late again tonight. I hope your life lightens up, honey. :-D

LisMin 09/20/06 - 10:51AM 1: 1/1
Whoooo! Great story =D And I'm so delighted that you used one of my all time fave BNL songs, hehe. *smacks Nick upside the head for being silly and making Greg sad* lol

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm so glad you liked it! I love that song too, it's just so poignant and evocative. Yes, sometimes Nick needs to be hit, but I think it isn't that he doesn't trust Greg so much as he doesn't trust himself. Poor boy. He's had traumas. But he always gets right. Thank you very much! :-D

Liriel 09/20/06 - 04:15AM 1: 1/1
EVIL WOMAN!!! How dare you hold out on me!! You never showed me this one! *sniffle* But that's okay, sweetie, cause I was dying for something new to read and this did the trick nicely! Bravo to Greg for standing up for what was really important to him! And Bravo to Nick for pulling his head out of his arse and realizing what was important to him! Loved Warrick's reaction to his coming out! *giggle* You totally fucking rock, babe! (Now it's back to Spite *wink*)

Author's Response: Gee, I thought for sure I had. Sorry about that. :-) *weak smile* Heh. Well, I'm glad I could surprise you with something new then! Arrrhhhhh! Although I see Greg as endlessly brave, even tho he doesn't always know it, it does take effort for him to do this. And Nick will always pull his head out his arse for Greg, it just may take him a while. He really needed to feel that freedom and I'm so glad he didn't deny himself. And Warrick knows all, sees all! Thank you, you know you rock too, savvy? Back to Spite! Yay! Thank you. :-D

DitzytheBoyWonder 09/20/06 - 12:09AM 1: 1/1
Yesyesyes. Love. As in I do. I can't wait for your next series ... Anyway. I'm totally lazy and will never finish my fic. Eh. I have school to worry about. You, however, should continue your excellent work (with or without school, a job, or a social life. Which I'm sure you have.)

Author's Response: Thank you honey! I was having an emotional reaction to Gay Pride day, obviously I'm late posting this. LOL. Hey, don't give up on your fic. While it's fun to write, it's also work, and sometimes you have to force yourself to do it. I usually find there are vignettes I want to present, and then I need to write connective tissue to get us from one to the other. The challenge is to write the connections as interestingly as possible. I know you can do it, even if it takes you a while. I'm in the same boat, have to juggle writing with RL. I have a job, but very little social life, other than dancing. And teaching dancing. It's not my job, it's my volunteer work. Anyway, glad you liked it and please do get back to yours. :-D

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