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mickeylover303 10/17/06 - 05:19PM 1: Chapter 1/1
“Am I a... good kisser... Nicky?” “But, I'm good at it... right Nicky?” Wojo, you never cease to amaze me. I could seriously see Greg looking hot and ravished; using his boyish charms (devilish innocence) to manipulate Nick.

Author's Response: LOL, thaanks very much, so nice of you to say that. Greg is devilish ...boyish at the same time. What a combo! thanks again.

Rpgirl 07/23/06 - 05:41PM 1: Chapter 1/1
That's one way to give me a wake up call. I loved it! So sexy.

Author's Response: glad I could help! Than you, glad you loved it. I loved writing it too.

LizPhairRulz 07/23/06 - 12:33PM 1: Chapter 1/1
Wow, that was HOT! Very good. I'll be in the shower! ;D

Author's Response: LOL - thanks for the good review! Glad you enjoyed it.

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