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Reviews for Interpretative Dance

Krysnel_Nicavis 01/08/08 - 02:34AM 1: Interpretative Dance
LMFAO! That was hilarious! Genious!

stokedaboutstokes 04/15/07 - 12:52PM 1: Interpretative Dance
I LOVED this! soooo funny. im laughing so hard

akari 04/13/07 - 01:14PM 1: Interpretative Dance
Awww, that's because Nick loves Greg. ^____^ True love makes you blind. Maybe that's why I think G is hilarious too. Keke.

Catlover2x 08/16/06 - 03:47PM 1: Interpretative Dance
LOL, that was too funny and you did it in so few words! I'm sure youse guys don't get Project Runway, but there's a designer on it who talks JUST LIKE THAT on her website and this is to sell her product!!! To wit: this most delicate flower appeared to me as if she were a faery, begging to play in the meadows of my imagination. her pitcher-like body held water as if ready to quench the thirst of anyone paying her any mind. LOL, you hit that mindless new age speak dead on.

la_babsi 07/22/06 - 04:18PM 1: Interpretative Dance
Because to Nick, he just is.
i just love that one!

Wojo 07/22/06 - 02:25PM 1: Interpretative Dance
OK, you just cracked me up!! Good thing I put my drink down first.

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