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Reviews for A hundred tapes later

candygirl1uk 06/26/07 - 05:32PM 2: Two techs later 2/2
Good story i agree its cute. Well done on your first csi slash/ love/nickngreg.

csi_nikki 03/14/06 - 10:26PM 2: Two techs later 2/2
great first fic! dont stop writing now! i look forward to reading your next one! please post more soon! i so cant wait! ~nikki

karmine 03/12/06 - 10:55PM 2: Two techs later 2/2
Great story!:)

twins1729 12/08/05 - 04:06PM 2: Two techs later 2/2
Very cute ending. Although I would've loved to see some hot man on man sex, but I'll take what I can get.

twins1729 12/08/05 - 03:52PM 1: A hundred tapes later
Very cute chapter and interesting. I'm off to read the next one!

Klashfor 11/22/05 - 01:50PM 2: Two techs later 2/2
I love this story, it's so cute! I can totally see it happening and the way Archie lists all the things Nick should do is hilarious. Write More!

Danielle Elenauial 06/10/05 - 02:01AM 1: A hundred tapes later
*squee!* I loved it!! Loved it, loved it, loved it. I liked how it ended, I liked the plot, I liked how in character they seemed to be... The first paragraph didn't really make sense to me...with the labeling part and all... But really, there's nothing I would change. Good work! Heehee. It made me happy.

Dr FooFoo 01/06/05 - 07:37AM 1: A hundred tapes later
Aww! *Squees* That was so adorable and cute and great and thank you for writing it. ^__^ The ending was so awesome. I'm so glad they hooked up. :D

xkacie 12/30/04 - 11:31AM 1: A hundred tapes later
Thank you SOO much for writing this. This is the second response to #10 that I've gotten, but the more the merrier! I really liked this, and I like that you left it reasonably open-ended (perhaps a second fic will come out of it). =D I'm glad I managed to pull you into the CSI-fic writing world! Again, thanks =)

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