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Reviews for Breaking the Boy

Claire_D 06/27/06 - 03:38PM 1: Masquerade Backstory
Very good, esp. the glittery bubble bath.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, yes, glitter bubble bath and especially with horrible fake strawberry scent. Ah, what could be better as long as you add nekkid Greg and Nick. Thank you! :-D

ItGlitters 06/24/06 - 10:58PM 1: Masquerade Backstory
I giggled like a howler monkey about the glitter bath!

Author's Response: Hee! I love howler monkeys and I'm glad you liked it. Glitter bubble bath + pretty boyz = much hilarity. But who knows? Maybe they really liked it. LOL.

Dreama 06/24/06 - 10:33AM 1: Masquerade Backstory
Well, it was you who told me in an email that comments and reviews keep you going, so I decided on giving you comments on both places now *I#m even tempered commenting each and every chapter of pirates over at nickngreg, but could convince myself for not doing so =)*
I love it, this is just so great and finally we know what did happen to Greg. hehe. You have just to write the first time of Greg... and I think that would have been it. Nothing left for to explain. It's great to have this story halfway through the time the original Masquerade won't be online. And it made me squee and scream out loud, as I saw it would be Masquerade, but then read 'Backstory' in the icon. But hey, we take what we can get =) *says the junkie* =) Love it

Author's Response: Very true and I love how evenhanded you are, but you really don't have to go to the trouble of commenting on Pirates at nickngreg, I know you love it. LOL. We are going to write about Greg's first time, just not yet. I think we have a few more fics to wring out of that one. Sorry it was just a backstory, but we do what we can. And I didn't want to leave you Maserade-less for too long. LOL. Thanks, sweetie, I always look forward to your comments and they do make the bunnies jump. I started a new one last night. :-D

LisMin 06/24/06 - 04:19AM 1: Masquerade Backstory
I really like this! Love seeing the backstory :D

Hehe, just got done squeeing over on nickngreg. I'm the one with the rather rude teddy bear icon ;)

Author's Response: I love the rude teddy bear! I'm glad you like it. The backstory is always running through my head when I'm writing a Masquerade, but sometimes it would make the story too long. I didn't expect people would want to know how Greg broke his arm, but I'm happy they did. Thank you very much! :-D

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