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Reviews for Power/Play

QueenOfTheUniverse 08/04/07 - 10:45PM 3: 3/4
I could so agree with the whole PVC/Greg thing...though, really, he doesn't have to be in those pants specifically. As long as he's the last thing I ever see! lol. But, OMG, this chapter has me so nervous, and I've just been going crazy, practically screaming at Nick to do something. That was awesome the way he saved Greg the first time. The rest should be interesting! Can't wait and moving on! This story rocks, btw!

Author's Response: Heh, me too. He is so beautiful, he even appeals in those draggy, baggy jeans. But he had to appear desirable in the setting and PVC was hot when I wrote that. Plus, I wanted to embarrass him, just cuz I'm evil. Nick really thought quickly with that last attack and he did very well. I think they were a little too anxious to catch the perp, because maybe it would have been better for them to leave. But, Nick used to be a cop and he never faced a situation like this. Thank you! :-D

kennedy 06/07/06 - 10:49AM 3: 3/4
I always shudder when I read that scene of Greg being attacked for the collar... not only does it make you fear for him, but then you think of the mindset and the desperation behind those doing the fighting... almost as if they are fighting for their own lives, really. Yikes!

Author's Response: And not only that, but the madness at the Top (literally) has trickled down and affected all the people in the place. It's competitive and dark. It is scary but isn't Greg great because he keeps fighting and isn't Nick great because when he does realise Greg is in trouble he wades right in and hauls him out. Of course, he would because he loves him. That's a very insightful comment, hallmark of your writing, sweets. :-D

LoneWolf13 06/05/06 - 07:02PM 3: 3/4
No don't stop there I need to know what happens!!!

Author's Response: Well I only stopped for a day, she whined. Hee hee. Next chapter is up. Go for it! And thank you! :-D

Lonewolfe001 06/05/06 - 03:35PM 3: 3/4
*OMG THEY NEED BACKUP* what a cliffhanger, please continue soon. how could Nicky be so careless? ps. i would give anything to see Greg dancing in those PVC pants , i wouldnt even mind if i was blinded from the glare (if that was the last sight i saw, i would happily go blind).

Author's Response: Yeah, it would be great if their back up could actually HEAR what was going on. Well Nick got distracted trying to see if Bill's ring was the same as the DBs and no one warned them that anyone was going to try anything. I think they all thought that Nick and Greg would get a sense of what was going or a clue, and they would have to go back a couple times to pick up the scent. Who knew they would pounce. But you're right, Nick should have kept Greg right next to him. Have you seen Shacky's vid of Greg dancing to I Touch Myself. I love it. And thanks, I liked the image too. as Jen said in one of her stories about asses and PVC pants: Ass heaven. Snork. Thank you!

Lexi Lou Who 06/05/06 - 01:30PM 3: 3/4
Sorry for the 2nd review, but I just want you to know that your banner is now the backround on my desktop and it looks GOOD!!

Author's Response: Hey, cool! It's sort of the wrong proportion, isn't it? But if it works for you, I'm very happy. It's sort of a nice feeling to know you have it! Thank you!

Lexi Lou Who 06/05/06 - 12:25PM 3: 3/4
GIVE THEM BACK!! NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!! You MUST give them and make them alright!!! But, aside from that, I LOVE how Nick is acting...Just like a Dom..

Author's Response: Yes, our Nicky steps up the plate when it counts. And like Lady Heather says, we all have dominant and submissive parts to our personalities; at least he knows when to unleash it. OK, the next chapter is up and I've sorted everything, so I hope you'll enjoy it. Thank you very much! :-D

ItGlitters 06/05/06 - 09:19AM 3: 3/4
OMG - no! Give him back! They're not playing nice with Nick's things and it's gonna get ugly... Very nervous, but can't wait for more. :)

Author's Response: They certainly did not learn to share and play well with others. Yep, it gets ugly, but I would never kill them or anything. And don't worry, Nick gets him back. Thank you, I appreciate comments and hope you're enjoying it. :-D

chicken30 06/05/06 - 05:18AM 3: 3/4
God, I need a cigarette *lol* great chapter, great cliffhanger *lol* hurry with the update!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Sorry about the cliffhanger, but it was too big to post in one go. Glad you liked it and I hope it wasn't too suspenseful. When you read this chapter, you'll see all the terrible places I could have stopped. Thank you so much and enjoy. :-D

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