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Reviews for Power/Play

QueenOfTheUniverse 08/04/07 - 09:43PM 1: 1/4
This actually made me laugh! Well, the parts after they asked Greg to go undercover especially since I knew what was going on and he didn't. This was amazing so far...and will be, I can tell. I can't wait for more, so I must hurry up and get to the next chapter. Great work so far!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it. I have found that it's difficult for me to keep my humour out of stories, no matter how serious they are, so I just have to go with it. Heh, I remember the first time Lady Heather came on I almost couldn't watch, I was so innocent. But not any more! :-D

Lulu 09/06/06 - 08:32PM 1: 1/4
KICK ASS!!! I am loving your work.

Author's Response: Woot! Thank you!!! As long as it's not my ass. LOL. Thanks a lot, I'm really happy to hear you say that and thanks for commenting. :-D

kennedy 06/05/06 - 01:46AM 1: 1/4
I know you originally thought you were going to scare me off with this story, but I love it. You've set it at exactly the right time as well, this is perfect for the-then pre-CSI Greg who is still so eager to please and vivacious (rather than the toned-down serious!Greg who only now seems to be capturing some of his spirit back), and the starting-to-become more serious Nick. The fact that they're already in an established relationship also makes the connection deeper for them for what they are about to face. Wonderful as ever, love Lady Heather! (uh, didn't mean to rhyme).

Author's Response: LOL at the rhyme, I do that by accident too. I set it here for those reasons and also to explain to myself why Greg was so serious and toned down in Season 5. This experience could explain it, just like you explained his "date" with Wendy. Snork! Your response to the story made me feel a lot more confident about posting it, otherwise it might never have seen the light of day, so I thank you very much. If you've ever read the commentary at TV without Pity, you'll know why I laugh at your comment about the starting-to-become-more-serious Nick. I also loved when he started to be able to think for himself and defy Grissom. I just love Lady Heather. I think she should be in every show. Maybe not, but I love seeing her. Thank you very much, sweetie. :-D

Dax 06/04/06 - 06:07AM 1: 1/4
Holy Moly, you turned this out fast! Its oh so good though. Love to see the next chapter soon……

Author's Response: Actually I had the whole thing written before I started to post. I've found that to be safer after getting into Baby Steps. Thank you so much, I'm so glad you're enjoying it. And the next chapter is up! Thank you. :-D

LoneWolf13 06/03/06 - 03:39PM 1: 1/4
Wow this story is so interesting. I can't wait to read more! :)

Author's Response: Cool! And here's more! I will update everyday, so you'll have it all by Monday. Hope you continue to like it. :-D

shamelessOne 06/03/06 - 03:35PM 1: 1/4
Ah, I was so excited to read this since sub/dom is actually kind of a kink for me. Some people think that's weird, but eh, who cares what they think. I like my boys at clubs. This? Was totally what I was hoping for, and actually cannot wait til the next one. Tomorrow, right? Oh, yess. It was so obvious that LH knew that Nick and Greg had atleast an attraction, and maybe she could even tell they were in some sort of a relationship. Also, the 'boytoy' remark by Greg? Hot. Plus the, 'twink-like-cops' part by Nick, was it? Maybe it was Greg again. My brain has melted, but ohmygod! By saying that, it's sorta obvious he's not exactly.. erm.. straight. Very well informed, Greggoboy is.

Author's Response: Oh reeeely? Well, this is actually more of an exploration of the shifts of power between them, but I'm getting such a response, I may have to open a subsection in BDSM. LOL. I do hope I'll fulfill your expectations and my apologies in advance if I don't. Lady Heather sees all, knows all, at least where sex is involved. I just adore her. Greg is always so very well informed, like about the foam parties and the liquid latex. He's just very open-minded, much more so than Nick. I think Nick's a little fearful of his own desires in this area and finds it easier to turn a blind eye. Thank you so much and I hope you'll continue to enjoy it. :-D

karmine 06/03/06 - 03:25PM 1: 1/4
Wow...! This is an awesome story so far!!! I really really really luv it so far! :D:D I like how you put them both under cover, instead of just one of them!!! Sooo plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz update soon!!!! I really can't wait!!! :D:D:D

Author's Response: Thank you! Gee, in the undercover stories I've read they've gone undercover together. Have you read Anmani's? And don't worry, I'll update everyday so it'll all be over by Monday. LOL. Thank you for the lovely comment. :-D

Lonewolfe001 06/03/06 - 10:24AM 1: 1/4
Post new chapter NOW!! * sorry just practicising being a Dom. LOL!* pleeeeaaase update soon, i cannot wait to find out what sort of training Lady Heather has in store for our boys. ps. how did they know Nick was gay ( i mean they brought 4 police officers to be his sub)???????

Author's Response: And you're doing really well at it too! LOL. I will update everyday, it's all written. Um, perhaps I wasn't clear about that; they don't know Nick is gay, they just have an undercover job at a gay bar. They've been trying to get officers to do it, but either they wouldn't volunteer or Lady Heather rejected them. As far as Brass knew, they were just casting straight guys for an undercover job. Once LH agreed to Nick, she told them what kind of guys to look for as a sub, which is why they selected the 4 twink-like cops. Sorry that wasn't clear. However, (foreboding music) I think they will soon figure it out. Lady Heather, of course, knew right away because she's so good at reading people's desires. :-D Thank you!

chicken30 06/03/06 - 10:22AM 1: 1/4
Woah, amazing story *lol* Can't wait to see (or read about) Nick as a Dom and Greg as his toyboy *lol* Hurry with the update ...

Author's Response: Snork! Maybe you'll be surprised cuz parts of it are kind of funny. I will update everyday. And thank you! It's so nice that you're that enthusiastic. I may have to open a BDSM subsidiary for stories; I just adore Lady Heather and wanted her in a story. Thank you very much! :-D

Steelknight 06/03/06 - 09:52AM 1: 1/4
All I say say is...Wow!!! More please!!!

Author's Response: You are in luck, it's all written, new chapter everyday. It will be up a little later and thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :-D

Lexi Lou Who 06/03/06 - 07:19AM 1: 1/4
YES! I LOVE this story but I'd KILL for the banner!! IT's SO COOL!!! Go on!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're enjoying it but if you like the banner, just drag it to your desktop. I think that works. If not, I'll give you a link. And thanks, sweets, love your comments! :-D

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