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Reviews for Way to Go

QueenOfTheUniverse 08/07/07 - 02:24PM 1: Way to Go
You know, I can't remember the actual ending of that ep! But, that doesn't mean anything, cause I loved this scene! And I know it would have been a much better actual ending than what was already there. It was sweet and subtle, but awesome! Great job!

LoneWolf13 05/29/06 - 11:57PM 1: Way to Go
That would have been a way better ending! ;)

LisMin 05/28/06 - 12:08PM 1: Way to Go
I like this a thousand times more than the actual ending; it's a more believable relationship development! *votes for Serenity to be made a CSI scriptwriter*

karmine 05/28/06 - 10:56AM 1: Way to Go
:D I wish that really happened!!!!!! :D GrEaT story!!! Very nice! ;)

kinnetic 05/28/06 - 10:30AM 1: Way to Go
Oh wow, I would pay HUGE amounts of money to see that happen on screen. Maybe we could get a collection going, whaddya say? Hee. I loved this story. Great job!

Lexi Lou Who 05/28/06 - 10:11AM 1: Way to Go
Aw...Love that!!!

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