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Reviews for Perfect Little Family

QueenOfTheUniverse 05/15/07 - 06:15PM 1: Perfect Little Family
I can see the beginning of Father's First in this piece...and I loved that story so much! This one was great's going on my fav list too, and you are already there as one of my fav authors. I love your stuff, great work! Keep it up!

kinnetic 05/28/06 - 10:41AM 1: Perfect Little Family
Sigh. The picture you described at the end made me smile. So sweet. Very nice job.

chicken30 05/28/06 - 05:21AM 1: Perfect Little Family
Mhm, so sweet and fluffy *lol* I love the picture of a big loving family ... lovely ...

Lexi Lou Who 05/27/06 - 09:26PM 1: Perfect Little Family
So cute..Just what we all needed..

KatyDid 05/27/06 - 05:26PM 1: Perfect Little Family
omg, that was just the cutest thing ever!! i loved the whole stokes gang hanging around with a plethora of children. especially cute little aidan!!! beautiful, beautiful...::sigh:: perfect!

ScarletFBL 05/27/06 - 05:23PM 1: Perfect Little Family
AWWWW! XD Aidan was just too cute! This whole story was too sweet! *puts on favorites*

Author's Response: I've never been put on someone's favourites. Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it:D

AslashH 05/27/06 - 02:29PM 1: Perfect Little Family
this was so very sweet!! xxx

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