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Reviews for 10,000 Miles

ScarletFBL 05/26/06 - 02:59PM 9: One Thousand Apologies
Damn, I almost wanted to cry during this one. I think that Karma has done Greg in enough. He's trying, so I think that he deserves another chance, especially after seeing Nick with another guy like that.

Author's Response: I've always believed in second chances...So hopefully that Nick will give him one:)

ItGlitters 05/26/06 - 10:50AM 9: One Thousand Apologies
*headdesk* How will Nick ever know that Greg was more or less raped by that girl in his dorm room because she's an evil evil little witch. ACK! Don't make me hurl insults at you to get more! J/K - well done, I can't wait for more - maybe Nick at leasts hears Greg out a little? Gah!

Author's Response: Hehehe dont hurl insults i'll just hurry and write more..>Hehe, thanks for the review :D

chicken30 05/26/06 - 01:14AM 9: One Thousand Apologies
Oh my God, it gets "worse" with each chapter *lol* Why can't they just sit down together and talk? Hurry with the next chapter please ....

Author's Response: Cause they're both too pigheaded to sit down and have an actual conversation...that' too easy lol...

LizPhairRulz 05/25/06 - 11:28PM 9: One Thousand Apologies
NNNOOOOO! Please update soon! Please make this all go away.

Author's Response: I'm trying to fix it :) it'll be better, eventually

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