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Reviews for 10,000 Miles

chicken30 05/25/06 - 06:59AM 8: Let It All Out
Argh, you are an evil person *lol* .... more, please ...

Author's Response: Hehe i try not to be evil..Honest

ScarletFBL 05/25/06 - 03:55AM 8: Let It All Out
Dun dun DUUUUUUUUUN! You have done it again! Damn, I hope this Chris guy is an asshole so Nick can get back with Greg....wait, no I don't. Nick deserves better! ARGH! I'm so confused. *cries*

Author's Response: Yeah, Nick does deserve better..But Greg really is sorry, Thanks for the review :) I tried to make the last chapter...a "little" happier

Lexi Lou Who 05/24/06 - 10:36PM 8: Let It All Out
That's good..Then we won't have to wait!! Go on!

ItGlitters 05/24/06 - 10:16PM 8: Let It All Out
Ack - I feel like they went nowhere... foul temptress, making us wait *lol* - can't wait to see what happens between the boys!

Author's Response: I'm sorry for making you wait i really am. It takes a while for me to write because i'm not too good with the english, , so that's why the chapters are short, but i promise their will be more soon, i'm working on the next chapter now:)

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