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Reviews for Truth is best served straight

shamelessOne 05/23/06 - 04:52PM 1: 1/1
Ah, yes! All the Lost actors have been on CSI before, and it rocks. Well, maybe not all, but Ian and Josh and the guy who played Ethan. Oh yeah, the fic was cute, good job ^^

Author's Response: Shannon's and Claire's players were on Miami and Jin was in Las Vegas too... And thanks ^_^

Lexi Lou Who 05/23/06 - 01:51PM 1: 1/1
Go Sara Go! I loved that! I hope you write more stories!

Author's Response: Sara rocks! And who knows... my head is full of plot bunnies so...

csi_nikki 05/23/06 - 09:17AM 1: 1/1
haha go Sara! heehee! that was great! short and sweet! :)
Lots of luv and hugz, Nikki*

Author's Response: Thanks ^_^

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