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Reviews for Know Your Victim

karmine 05/24/06 - 09:03PM 6: CC
Totally awesome chappies! Luved them!!!!!! And yay your chappies are gettin longer! That's good! And of course ur writing is very good so far! ;) Can't wait till the updates!! I really do mean it!!!! ^,^

Author's Response: I'm gald you like it ^_^ I've been bit nervous about this because it's my first ficcie in English... but you can only improve as a writer when you write... And I try to type fast... The last week has just been very work filled...

Kirke 05/22/06 - 11:01AM 6: CC
Thank you very much for the lovely image of Catherine making out with another girl :P The whole conversation was hilarius, poor Nicky! :D Ah, now you've got me even more hooked, why are those ppl being killed?

Author's Response: At least Warrick appreciated it ^_^ And all though Nick/Greg angst is fun I intend to have some sort of plot hidden in this too... so just keep witm me an everything will be revealed ^_^

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