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Reviews for Compelling

painfullystoic 03/05/09 - 10:13AM 6: Atonement
*nods head vehemently at QueenOfTheUniverse's review* Don't leave us and go! *cries* It was beautiful... I love this story so so so so so much!! :D

QueenOfTheUniverse 03/03/09 - 10:30PM 6: Atonement
Ah! Finally! lol, you know, something funny happened. Sometime last week or maybe the week before that I was reminded somehow about this story and I thought I'd reread it... but I couldn't remember the title, and thought all was lost. Then tonight, I go online, and decided I really should read this long story, and what do you know? Surprise, surprise and I'm wicked happy now! The ending, was perfect, and the two of them together was beautiful. Really. Wonderful job. But please, don't leave The Love! Your work is wicked good!

discoxwithxme 03/02/09 - 01:46PM 6: Atonement
Hellloo! :D So that is a great ending! I'm sad the story is over, but it ended well so I am soothed. ;) Poor Nicky. He's still upset about Greggo. I don't blame him, I probably would be too. Anyway. This made me smile today! Which is great. :D Thanks for the wonderful story, m'dear. I hope you don't leave the N/G fandom forever.

happyharper13 03/01/09 - 09:19PM 6: Atonement
I don't think the whole thing posted. It says Nick Stokes in bold and then cuts off.

Author's Response: Thanks for letting me know. Fixed now!

Learning2Fly2morrow 02/26/09 - 05:59PM 5: Evident
I read this story awhile back, fell in love with it, then forgot about it. (That's true love, right there...) bu tI saw it again on recently added and my smile nearly came off of my face. I love ow awesomely dark and totally kick a$$ this story is. I hope there's more to come. -Hayden

discoxwithxme 02/26/09 - 03:17PM 5: Evident
So, I read this story about... some months ago and became thoroughly entranced with it, because, hello? it's an awesome story. But when I noticed how long it had been since you'd updated it... Well, it was a hopeless cause. BUT. You updated! YAY! And what a good update it is! I wasn't expecting Nick to get taken. Oh no, I hope they aren't planning to do something horrible like they did to Greg (even though they probably are). Anyway. I can't wait until the next chapter! (Especially since next week is my spring break :P)

Lisa02 02/25/09 - 03:31PM 5: Evident
I remember reading this a few times and I saw it on the recently added list I was shocked. I thought it had been long abandoned. Thank you so much for finishing it. Great story. I hope it has a happy ending. Take care. Lisa

Lonewolfe001 02/25/09 - 08:09AM 5: Evident
this fic is well written, and the storyline is unique. but its a little to dark for my taste. I hope the bad guys go to jail and that Nick is freed & reunited with Greg (I hope they can both heal from this)

little_miss_lazy 02/25/09 - 04:21AM 5: Evident
i started reading this story ages ago n im reallty glad u updated! cant wait to find out what happens to nick!

painfullystoic 02/10/09 - 09:45AM 1: Compelling
Hey... this is a great story... I really hope you continue... the dichotomy presented is done wonderfully... I would love to see how this pans out... even if its horrible and Nick loses his job and goes to jail... but I agree with Greg, it could have been a lot worse if Nick hadn't done what he did... I love the scene where Greg goes to visit Nick, and Nick is terrified, especially when Greg asks to stay... I sincerely hope you continue, although knowing its been almost 3 years since this has been updates... doesn't give me hope that it will be...

Krysnel_Nicavis 01/08/08 - 07:15PM 4: Concealing
Hey are you going to finish this? You really should. I feel so bad for Nick and Greg, but especially for Nick. I mean, Greg was physically bound to the situation. Nick was emotionally/morally bound to it, he couldn't leave Greg and had to go with the lesser of two evils - though I think they could possibly argue duress since Nick honestly believed that either one or both would have died if Nick didn't do it. I'm not sure about the states, but in Canada intoxication (induced by any kind of alcohol, drug, or substance) is not an adequate defence when it comes to homicide and any form of assault so that couldn't be argued on its own. However, taking into consideration every detail before and during the assault Nick isn't completely liable, if at all. Now I've just run off on a tangent, sorry. Anyways, you really have to update this and show what happens to Nick and Greg and whether or not Nick gets into a substantial amount of trouble, if any. The way it's going it seems like the guilt will eat at Nick to the point that he puts a bullet through his brain with his own gov't issued gun. That or the two of them leave the country together... to a country that doesn't have an extrodition agreement with USA... wow this review's long...

QueenOfTheUniverse 10/26/07 - 09:52PM 4: Concealing
You cannot just leave this story here like this! No way!!!! This is soooooooo good!!! I've been in near tears the whole way through!! Please update/finish this soon! Please!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it (if enjoying is relaly the right word for a story like this). I've been horribly neglectful of this story in past months, since another fandom (*cough*Heroes*cough*) has been eating my brain. But (luckily for your) your review reminded me that I have more of this story sitting on my hard drive just needing to be polished and posted. SO, in conclusion, after about a year of promising to finish this story, it look like I will actually be putting in the work to post the last part sometime in the near future. The moral of the story: reviews help motivate authors!

QueenOfTheUniverse 10/26/07 - 09:13PM 1: Compelling
F**K, and I thought my story was dark.... wow.... OMG, I was in near tears and screaming the whole time....

Ceala 01/04/07 - 06:50PM 4: Concealing
OK, you swore to us back in August of last year that you would finish this really great story and we are still patiently waiting. I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I've read this and it's still just as good and compelling (pun) as it was the first time. Please, Please throw us a bone and give us some sort of ending.

Author's Response: You are so right. I'm glad you called me out: it gives me a kick in the ass. Yes, I swear again, I will get back to this. I need to finish Threshold first, then I promise that I will come back and fix the guys here. Six months is a long time to wait, so I'll try to make it worth your while.

NoHope02 10/23/06 - 11:44AM 4: Concealing
Wow, great story! can't wait for more!

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