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Reviews for 10,000 Miles

ItGlitters 05/18/06 - 12:53AM 6: Anything For You
I don't know how I missed this update - but I just read it and EVILNESS... Pure unadulterated evilness. I promise I won't miss the next update!

Author's Response: yes evil...but you need the evil before it can get better...i think...Thanks for the review :D more soon i promise

ScarletFBL 05/17/06 - 01:55PM 6: Anything For You
Oh. My. Frickin'. GAH! Okay, I'm going to calm down....then I'm gonna gather a mob and burn her at the stake, the witch! know how to use the white lines, too.... -_-"

Author's Response: hehe yeah she's pretty evil isn't she.....don't worry she'll get burned eventually...

chicken30 05/17/06 - 12:54PM 6: Anything For You
Greg you fool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God, what did Kirsten tell Nick? And how will poor NIck cope? And what will Greg do? And why did the bitch ly to Greg? And .... I need answers, please *lol*

Author's Response: The answers will come soon i promise...please bear with me...I'm so glad that you're liking it so far...

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