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Reviews for 10,000 Miles

ScarletFBL 05/16/06 - 05:30PM 5: Should've Been There
Who does that biotch think she is?! She has no right to put her two cents into anything that she doesn't understand, and that's Nick and Greg's relationship, for sure. I hope that Gre sees her for what she is, and cuts her out of his life.

Author's Response: Unfortunately...Kristen has more to say...:( thank you so much for your kind reviews. There will deffinately be more soon :)

Poteidia 05/16/06 - 04:56PM 5: Should've Been There
If (and I assume he is, with mentions of 'old ways' that had ppl disappointed in him?) Nick is a self harmer...then I'd just like to point out that self-harming is not a suicide attempt, and it's rarely done in a selfish manner either. It's actually a coping mechanism, a way to release pressure, and often stops the harmer from getting to the point of being suicidal.

Author's Response: You are right:) Nick...he is a self my story anyhow...BUT.....Greg thinks that it was a suicide attempt...It'll come clearer in later chapters...but thank you for ur input

LizPhairRulz 05/16/06 - 03:29PM 5: Should've Been There
Kristen's a kunt. [giggles] Although what Nick did was stupid and Greg wasn't exactly being selfless, she's still a kunt. (Nobody talks bad about my boys, obviously) So glad they said they loved each other. Will be waiting patiently for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yes yes she is...and you'll dislike her more i'm sure in a few chapters or so. Thank you so much for your review

chicken30 05/16/06 - 02:16PM 5: Should've Been There
*sob* you know, Kristen is right: Nick was really acting like a selfish prick! Nevertheless, e doesn't deserve so much pain. Wonderful chapter, though. Waiting for the update *lol*

Author's Response: Thank you so much. You don't know how unbelievably scared i was to post this story here, but you've made me so happy with all your kind words. There will be more to come soon when i have the time to write. And yeah...Nick was acting really selfish...but he saw the error of his ways :)

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