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Reviews for 10,000 Miles

chicken30 05/09/06 - 11:56AM 2: Could It Be That You're Really Gone?
Nice chapter! I'm quite curious where this is going? Why did Greg leave earlier than necessary? And who is this mysterious friend? Update soon, please!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: It'll allll come clear soon I promise:)..Thanks For the review

LizPhairRulz 05/08/06 - 10:55PM 2: Could It Be That You're Really Gone?
Even though he's a downright bastard for leaving Nick, he's still a sweetheart. Great story!

Author's Response: Yeah Greg is pretty much a bastard for leaving nick like that...But it's not that he doesn't care, it's because he wanted to make something of his life that he figured he couldn't do in Dallas. Thank you for reading and reviewing. But you'll probably hate Greg more in the upcoming chapters a bit more before you like him again :)

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