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Reviews for 10,000 Miles

angelsheaven1980 12/13/07 - 11:40AM 1: I Feel Bad
I know it's been a while since you last updated, but please update soon. I wanna know what happens. Not to mention River is a bitch, Nick needs to lose her.

Lexi Lou Who 06/12/06 - 09:23PM 13: What's Left Of me
I'm going hunting with Itgliters..Let's burn River at the stake like a witch! Lol..Go on!

Author's Response: hahah it'll be a party we can all go ^_^

ItGlitters 06/12/06 - 03:02PM 13: What's Left Of me
I have to agree with Scarlet - do we know if Nick and Greg hooked up in high school? Is that something that I missed? And seriously I'm going bitch hunting later today and River is first on my list. And now Nick's outed - hahahahahahahahahahahahaha... woo.

Author's Response: hehehehe yeah...River is evil isn't she:P

chicken30 06/12/06 - 01:33PM 13: What's Left Of me
Go Greggo go *lol* I hope that Nick realizes what mistake he made with that bitch ..... and if he has to learn the hard way!!!!!!!!!! .... Hurryhurry ....

LizPhairRulz 06/12/06 - 11:35AM 13: What's Left Of me
Yay! Nick is engaged to a homophobic cunt! Yay! Honestly he deserves it for not telling her the truth about his...bisexuality? I've got a horrible memory, so forgive me. I'm glad Greg dropped the bomb. More please!

Author's Response: I don't think Nick even knows what he is...but Greg is pretty determined to believe he's gay...LOL...

ScarletFBL 06/12/06 - 12:26AM 13: What's Left Of me
Oooooh! Greg dropped the EB bomb. Ex-boyfriend! I don't get why he's mad at Nick. Well, I guess people get resentful at others when they really felt something for them. I guess Greg knows how it feels, now. There is something that I've been wondering about, too. Have Greg and Nick had sex? I know that it's probably a given, being the ages they were when they were together, but.... *shrugs* I dunno. Continue, please! ♥

Author's Response: Some people get really really angry for no apparent reason at all and then others need a reason...Greg feels he has a reason to resent Nick because nick left him without even giving him a reason why...and about your have they had sex question.... I was a little weary about writing up a sex scene, but this is from the first chapter

Author's Response: “I think I’m ready for you to make love to me Nick” Was whispered breathlessly into Nick’s ear while laying in bed one night, Nick stared at Greg. “Are you sure?” “I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life” That’s all Nick needed to hear before he made Greg completely his.

Author's Response: Wow i really need to learn how to do this responce thingy...I hope that cleared up your question...I hope*crosses fingers*

Lexi Lou Who 06/10/06 - 08:55AM 12: My World
Wow..That was...exciting..Go on!

Author's Response: heheh thanks ^_^

NslashG 06/10/06 - 07:37AM 12: My World
OMG! Lol! Please say this doenst turn nto a terribly angsty story, I can deal with a lil bit but they better work it out! “But he’s Gay for fuck sakes.” - Lol, that killed me!

Author's Response: wont be too angsty i promise

ScarletFBL 06/10/06 - 02:54AM 12: My World

ItGlitters 06/09/06 - 08:10PM 12: My World
srhegireaughrehg oksdgphoiireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevjdajgd
What? Where did that come from... NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ack!

Author's Response: i'm not sure where it came fom..i think it was the evil side of me coming out...

chicken30 06/09/06 - 04:44PM 12: My World
Geez, where is this going? Nick can't be engaged - no way!! He better has a good explanation ... Poor Greg .... Hurry with the update!!

Author's Response: sorry i didn't mean to throw a rwist like thisat you....I'll make things better soon i promise

ItGlitters 05/30/06 - 09:46PM 11: Tell HIm
Hurrah for them being together! Hurrah for love! I was so glad to have a new chapter when my net got hooked up!

Author's Response: Heheh yeah....You might hate me the next chapter...

Lexi Lou Who 05/30/06 - 04:40PM 11: Tell HIm
Wow..That was so sweet..Go on!

Author's Response: Thanks :D

chicken30 05/27/06 - 07:20AM 10: Hard To Say I'm Sorry
Aw ... such a sweet chapter ... *sob* and so sad ... loved it ... keep on goin' *lol* ...

Author's Response: Thanks for the review....:)

ScarletFBL 05/26/06 - 03:11PM 10: Hard To Say I'm Sorry
There were SO many things said by Nick and Greg that tugged at my heart. I could see myself saying those things...I HAVE said those things.

Author's Response: Saying those types of things are always hard:( I think i've also said the exact same things.

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