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Reviews for Numa Numa

Krysnel_Nicavis 01/11/08 - 04:17PM 1: 1/1
that gary brolsma (or however you sp his name) is what led me to the fantastic music of o-zone! this was so cool! the image of sexytopless!nick dancing to the song is hot! he's honestly the last one i'd expect to see do that and that makes it that much more hot to imagine!

csi_nikki 04/30/06 - 04:46PM 1: 1/1
ha i've watched that video. nothing like this ever came into my mind when watching it though...
im happy you thought of this though because this it hot!

Author's Response: Lol, thank you! I dunno, I was just sort of obsessing over the song and how so many people do their own version, and I wanted to do one. And I was thinking that if I did one, it was gonna be hot and sexy instead of goofy and all, but my video camera is broken so I wrote this instead.

karmine 04/30/06 - 02:27PM 1: 1/1
When I read your summary I was like "What the hell is the Numa Numa dance?" So I decided to look it up! It was hilarous! Cute story! :D

Author's Response: Lol, np thanks!

ancient_memory 04/30/06 - 11:57AM 1: 1/1
hehehehe too cute....I actually just saw that video thingy for the first time a few weeks had me weak....Great work :)

Author's Response: Lol, thanks! I love that vid so much! It's hillarious!

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