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Reviews for My Confession

Wojo 04/25/06 - 05:16PM 1: 1/1
I liked that alot. I really expected to be Nick talking but was surprised to see it was Greg. Nice job!

Author's Response: I thought of making Nick the talker but in the end I decided to have fun and make Greg talk.

Rhardin 04/25/06 - 07:43AM 1: 1/1
blushes thanks so much my dear keep on writing and loven the boys.

csi_nikki 04/24/06 - 11:25PM 1: 1/1
thankies! Rhardin asked for another Josh song so I just made one up quickly! again thankies!

ancient_memory 04/24/06 - 11:24PM 1: 1/1
That was really sweet....I must run and find that song now...Never heard it before....*hugs* Crystal

Author's Response: okay i meant to reply to this but i made a new comment but whatever. anyways thankies for the comment!

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