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Reviews for Peach Juice Scandal

kennedy 04/21/06 - 10:54PM 1: 1/1
I don't know... I think Nick has a food fetish, what with peaches and ramen noodles! He would have probably spontaneously combusted if he had been in the lab when Greg was eating ice-cream in front of Grissom.

Author's Response: lol yeah it does seem like Nick has a thing for food or Greg is just constantly eating so Nick has adapted to it ;)

verisimilitude 04/21/06 - 08:50PM 1: 1/1
This is fabulous. I'm never going to be able to eat peaches again without thinking of this!

Author's Response: That's good to hear! lol ;)

Serenity 04/21/06 - 06:00PM 1: 1/1
This actually made me salivate!

Author's Response: Which part made you salivate the peach or Greg? ;)

csi_nikki 04/21/06 - 01:16PM 1: 1/1
oooh! i used to hate peaches but if that can happen with them... :)

Author's Response: Well if you really don't like peaches I guess you can insert any other juicy sticky fruit you want. I just felt that a peach would work the best :)

ItGlitters 04/21/06 - 09:43AM 1: 1/1
*drools* -- I must have a peach now... :-)

Author's Response: I know they are so yummy especially when Greg is eating them :p

Dreama 04/21/06 - 03:33AM 1: 1/1
That was great. I think I never read a story which was that short but said so muich and was so hot, without actually something 'hot' happening in it *ya know what I mean lol*
ANy chance for a sequel?

Author's Response: I know what you mean don't worry *lol* and I'm always open to sequels so who knnows ;)

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