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Reviews for Know Your Victim

Kirke 05/07/06 - 07:30AM 4: Cuz
OMG! Mumins!!! Hattifatteners are love! XD When I was a kid I pissed myself every time I saw Booka (or whateva you spell it in English) because, OMG!scary!. Ok, enough of that :D Can't wait for the next part, you really got my hooked here!

Author's Response: I loved moomins too! I never read the books but I loved those episodes where there was that magician hat and when the moomin world turned into a jungle... Do you mean by Booka the Groke? Which is called Mörkö in my language... thank god somebosy invented wikipedia which is my savior in this god damn language barrier. I promise to try write really fast and try to keep that hook on ^_^

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