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Reviews for Know Your Victim

verisimilitude 04/12/06 - 04:33PM 3: Nightmare
Wow. This is very well done. I'm eager to see where you're going to take this and the fabulous first three chapters makes me insanely optimistic about the rest. Please continue soon!

Author's Response: I will... It's all in the head already so I just need to get it on paper... and before I can do that there is some research to be made...

Kirke 04/12/06 - 03:25PM 3: Nightmare
Oh, the fic is so great, I read those 3 chapters and now I NEED more. I'm intrigued, I crave more and I simply love Greg-gets-hurt fics. :D:D:D Please, write more!

Author's Response: Then there is two of us. My favorite hobby is to hurt my men as much as possible... just so I can heal them later.

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