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Reviews for A Strong Man

Ceala 12/13/06 - 12:05PM 1: 1/1
Since you are one of my favorite authors, I can't imagine how I missed this short story. Thank heavens for the fan fic contest. This is a very thoughtful piece. It's not one of those stories that get all the 'HOT', 'YUM' responses but rather something that you read quietly and with attention. Then you write to you and tell you that your stories are the accessories of my life. I could live without them if I had to but they make everything a little better, brighter and happier.

Author's Response: Wow and double wow. How very nice of you to tell me this. I am delighted to be one of your favorite authors and also that you like this little piece. It just popped into my head one night whilst watching CSI and thinking about the ways in which the two of them are strong for each other. I really should write one about Greg too. I love what you wrote about how you read it. It makes me appreciate you as a reader so very much, because you can't write everything all hot and yum, no matter how hot and yum they are. (And they are.) I am so glad to know that they make everything a littbe better. Writing does that for me, and then getting reviews like this? You just made me day. Thank you very much.

jean 05/16/06 - 10:29AM 1: 1/1
Aw. It really made me smile. This was really lovely, a very contented sort of fic, which is a nice change from all the angsty fics. And a very nice take on how Greg helps Nicky really become strong.

Author's Response: I'm so glad. I'm sorry to find that I can do angst better than I thought, but I also like nice little contented fics. I think having a Greg of your very own would make anyone stronger and happier. Thank you very much. :-D

csi_nikki 04/05/06 - 10:36PM 1: 1/1
Aw that was so awesome! I loved how it talked about Nick and all of his strengths, metal and physical, before heading towards Greg and how Greg had made Nick a better person. Great fic and I hope to read more soon! ~nikki

Author's Response: Oops, sorry, missed your review. I feel like I could actually write it from the other POV too, about how Nicky makes Greg a better person too. They are totally my OTP and I just love the love between them. Thank you so much for reviewing. :-D

gambits_wings 04/05/06 - 02:24PM 1: 1/1
great fic!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I appreciate you taking time to review!

Dreama 04/05/06 - 05:09AM 1: 1/1
Oh I like that one. Especially since it says that there are two ways of being strong: in a physical and in a mental kind of way. Great work.

Author's Response: I think Nick is stronger than he thinks but he definitely qualifies in the physical area. And Greg has a resilience that says, he's strong. I always loved how he acted in The Box (not full title) after PWP, using humour to cope with his injuries and shaking. Thank you so much!

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