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Reviews for Because I want you

shacky20 04/01/06 - 03:43PM 6: Protect Me From What I Want
OK. now you've gone and made me feel bad for Nicky, I loved the way you wrote this chapter, the angst, the tension between them, the way Greg just hopped in Nick's truck, to make him talk. And how Greg really understood the inner turmoil Nick was going through, it's almost painful, but Greg made sense in the "Life's Too Short", I'm so anxious for the next part now, waiting to see what goes on in Nick's mind.

Author's Response: Thanks, it was important to me to show that Nick's just really scared of all this, he's not doing it to be mean.

Lonewolfe001 04/01/06 - 06:31AM 6: Protect Me From What I Want
Poor Nicky! Serenity that was great !!

LoneWolf13 03/31/06 - 07:09PM 5: Because I Want You
Wow that was intense! I'm really loving this story and can't wait for more :)

Catlover2x 03/31/06 - 03:41PM 5: Because I Want You
Hmm, I think Shacky said it all. I've been wanting to read this and didn't have a chance till today, when I speed read thru all the chapters. Loved Greg's babble mode. And shame on Nicky. Be paranoid on your own time don't make our Greg-bug suffer. Can't wait for the next.

shacky20 03/31/06 - 01:28PM 5: Because I Want You
It's about damn time, damn, and Greg really let him have it, good. And for some reason, I like how you upped the level of anger, and built up and and built up until Nick became angry with himself, and hence angry at Greg, so Greg's angry at Nick, then the realization. Loved the little things that make the fic work, how well you described the locker room scene, Nick facial expressions, and his fists, and you know why I love the anger build up so much, cause nothing's hotter than hot fast angry, "I can't wait another second" sex. Hey, what can I say, the slow romantic and nice sometimes, but damn, this calls for up against the door now I have to have you sex. Greg job as always. You've got me rereading "Missing Out" again now while waiting for this one.

AJewels 03/31/06 - 08:49AM 5: Because I Want You
*nods* I agree. More soon pretty please. This was lovely.

nickandgreglover 03/31/06 - 07:53AM 5: Because I Want You
quick i need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shacky20 03/30/06 - 11:54AM 4: The Bitter End
OK, now we have Nicky in denial, and a poor depressed and left out Greg, he needs to lay the smack down on Nick, bastard. Being so mean to Greg like that, making him feel like he did something wrong. Now, Nick needs to make it up to him, by throwing him against the wall and doing him, right there in the locker room, and Greg can bitch slap Nick and say, I'm not your whore, prove it to me. Ha, that will make him think about what he's done. Hump! Still have my poking gear, don't make me use it....

Sillie 03/30/06 - 06:21AM 3: In The Cold Light Of Morning
Nicky, you silly guy... *sighs* Continue soon, okay?

kennedy 03/30/06 - 02:35AM 3: In The Cold Light Of Morning
Silly, silly Nicky! But who hasn't run in their own life when a dream becomes tantalisingly real? It's too much! Can't wait for more...

Lonewolfe001 03/30/06 - 01:14AM 1: Every You (Nick)
Loved it !! please do not be mean & leave us hanging like this. what happens next?

shacky20 03/29/06 - 06:18PM 3: In The Cold Light Of Morning
Do I even need to go there with you? You so know what is going to happen if you make me wait to long, I will be one unhappy administrator, and will touture and hurt your stories, one by one until they scream out in agony until you release what I want. The clock is ticking.

Author's Response: *scared* Hopefully one update each day, Kelly! Is that quick enough? Heehee.

misssavvie 03/28/06 - 05:37PM 2: Every Me (Greg)
Please - for the love of all things that is Greg and Nick - write more!!!! Loved it!

Author's Response: More is on the way, thanks for your enthusiasm! =D

misssavvie 03/28/06 - 05:36PM 1: Every You (Nick)
That was bloody good - please write more!!!!! I love Nick/Gerg with a passion *blush*

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