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Reviews for Because I want you

Sillie 04/05/06 - 06:30PM 11: Come Home
Oooh, the plot thickens... :'3 Never mind me, just wanted to say that. *loves* :D

Lexi Lou Who 04/05/06 - 02:56PM 10: Days Before You Came
Please go on!

Catlover2x 04/05/06 - 09:41AM 10: Days Before You Came
Greg is so dang reasonable! Even whilst injured! How like him to go out of his way to reassure Nick. And you have gotten them totally at cross purposes, haven't you. If I didn't know you better, I might just crawl under the blankets and cry, but somehow I have a feeling that Chinese takeout will save the day. Can't wait for tomorrow.

Author's Response: Greg's a nice guy, it's why I'm in love.... Nick, I mean why NICK'S in love with him. Hee. I can't promise they'll get take-out.... but don't hide under the covers, OK?

SubwayGirl1979 04/04/06 - 09:32PM 9: Ask For Answers
Ahh poor nicky. In a way i feel bad for him. This will be a big redemption that he feels he must repay to greg. I feel alot of make up sex in the future! ^_^

AJewels 04/04/06 - 09:56AM 9: Ask For Answers
Oh wow. This was wonderful maybe Nick will really stop being an ass. More soon pretty please.

LoneWolf13 04/03/06 - 06:09PM 8: Without You I知 Nothing
Oh my gosh I completely forgot about Greg hitting his speed dial before John was going to beat him up and when Nick saw his phone I thought, "why is Greg calling Nick?" Crap I can't believe I forgot that part!!! Poor Greggo and when Nick finds out he is going to feel so guilty :(

SubwayGirl1979 04/03/06 - 01:08PM 8: Without You I知 Nothing
Oh Im so hooked on this story!!!! This is great writting. ^_^ Cant wait for more. I love the fact you are updating almost every day. YEAH!

NicksAngel 04/03/06 - 08:52AM 8: Without You I知 Nothing
*You go Brass, get the guy, make him pay...* Ok, I'm gonna calm down now. ;-) Great story and can't wait for more.

Lonewolfe001 04/03/06 - 07:09AM 8: Without You I知 Nothing
Nicky is going to feel like shit once he realises that Greg was trying to call him to save him. I hope he makes it up to Greg. ok, i do realise this was just a comment than a review. But Serenity you know how much i love your fics. keep writing !!!

AJewels 04/03/06 - 07:06AM 8: Without You I知 Nothing
Wow Nick can be so thick sometimes. It's good that someone found Greg. I just wonder if Greg is going to start avoiding Nick now. After all with Nick's home grown homophobia Greg might be leery about any kind of relationship. Again a very nice chapter. Hope to see more soon.

csi_nikki 04/02/06 - 10:52PM 7: Spite & Malice
oh my gosh! cliffhanger! erfie! please please finish soon! that is soooooo good! i simply can hardly wait! you're such a good writer!!! ~nikki

AJewels 04/02/06 - 05:05PM 7: Spite & Malice
oh gosh. more soon. I hope that Nick realizes just what an idiot he's being.

shacky20 04/02/06 - 02:39PM 7: Spite & Malice
OK, every chapter gets more and more cliff hanging, Please let if be Nick he reached, and Nick can hear because he knows of John, and go and kick his ass, and save Greg, please Greg doesn't deserve this, he's had to heart broken already, now this, and Nick at least can save his best friend. Puh-leeze, more more

Lexi Lou Who 04/02/06 - 12:11PM 7: Spite & Malice
Oh my god...Greg better not die..Please go on!

LoneWolf13 04/02/06 - 03:44AM 7: Spite & Malice
Nooo not a clifhanger! You've got me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait for more :)

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