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Reviews for Because I want you

gambits_wings 04/07/06 - 08:11AM 1: Every You (Nick)
WOW fantastic!! progress woohoo! great chapter hun x

Lonewolfe001 04/07/06 - 07:32AM 13: Iíll be yours
OMG, thats was so fantastic !!!

Author's Response: Thank you! And still more to come.

corky0629 04/06/06 - 09:29PM 12: Broken Promise
Oh my gosh!! I really am on the edge of my seat for the next chapter!! Such a fabulous story!!

NicksAngel 04/06/06 - 01:06PM 12: Broken Promise
Way to go, Nicky!!! :D Hope there's more soon.

shacky20 04/06/06 - 08:49AM 12: Broken Promise
OK, you are now going into the category of "big tease" when is Nick going to get get his act together, and of corse he couldn't leave Greg there, he made a promise, gotta love that guilt complex sometimes. OK, so now we know that Greg knows that Nick kissed him, smut smut smut smut!!!!!!! But I'm patient, but Nicky, stop fighting it, you want him.

Author's Response: Hehehe, I am a tease. But at least Nick's finally admitted that the kiss happened.

gambits_wings 04/06/06 - 08:41AM 12: Broken Promise
yey an update! great chapter and yey Nick is gonna tell greg he kissed him and happily ever after right???? x

Author's Response: *whisper* another 5 chapters to go yet. Aha.

AJewels 04/06/06 - 08:41AM 12: Broken Promise
cooll. Shiny new chapter. Well at least Greg now knows that Nick cares. Question is will Nick and Greg finally get their signals matching?

shacky20 04/06/06 - 08:38AM 11: Come Home
OK, I just reread part 11, and when I'm finished, there's part 12 all of a sudden, it's like the fic Gods were listening to me, WHEEEEE off to read.

Author's Response: Haha, I like to keep you on your toes!

SubwayGirl1979 04/05/06 - 11:44PM 11: Come Home
NOOOO! A cliff hanger!. This is getting really good. I cant wait for the truth to come pouring out.

corky0629 04/05/06 - 09:30PM 11: Come Home
Fantastic story!! I can't wait to read on!!

corky0629 04/05/06 - 09:28PM 1: Every You (Nick)
Wow, this story is turning out to be one of my favorites!! I am totally falling in love with it :)

AJewels 04/05/06 - 07:08PM 11: Come Home
Oh so very nice. Maybe the two stubborn boys will finally figure out that they belong together. More soon please.

kennedy 04/05/06 - 06:51PM 11: Come Home
Okay, you're now either officially a tease, or one of the best cliffhanger writers out there...

shacky20 04/05/06 - 06:48PM 11: Come Home
Ok, first off you little minx, trying to sneak a chapter in there, THANK YOU. You so know Greg will take care of Greg because he feel bad, but this time, busted, good things, still of course leaving me wanting more, please more. please please please!!!

shacky20 04/05/06 - 06:34PM 10: Days Before You Came
Sorry Nicky, but you deserve that guilt, you shouldn't have been so quick to judge why Greg was calling. Poor guy, OK now I'm ready for the boy smut, if Nick can ever get over this "I can't be around Greg thing. You still leave me hanging girl, great chatpter

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