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Reviews for Because I want you

miracleromancer 01/27/07 - 07:18PM 6: Protect Me From What I Want
Amazing, I feel sad thinking about how Nick feels. Torn between two things, not knowing what path to take...

alexmorgan 10/18/06 - 01:04PM 17: I Know
mmmmmmm ... lovely. *sigh*

black_cat 09/09/06 - 09:53AM 17: I Know
That was great. Are you going to write a sequel? =) You're a fan of Placebo, aren't you? ;) The titles fitted well.

dagsrommer 04/15/06 - 10:10AM 17: I Know
I was happy to see all chapters up when I came home from my easter vacation! Great story!!!

Lexi Lou Who 04/13/06 - 04:43PM 17: I Know
This was a great story..I loved it! BRAVO!

Lonewolfe001 04/12/06 - 12:12AM 17: I Know
That was so great. That was a wonderful fic Serenity. The End? I do not think so when it comes to Nick & Greg there can be no ending. GREAT JOB !!

shacky20 04/11/06 - 08:14PM 17: I Know
What a wonderful ending, see everyone found out and NIck world's didn't come crashing down. He can have that family he wanted to, with Greg. Maybe Greg will get his wish and have that family with Nick. Perfect lovely ending. So sad to see it end, but girl, what a story you have done, by far my favorite, and still offering my beta services is needed. Great job, you go girl.

LoneWolf13 04/11/06 - 07:53PM 17: I Know
Wonderful ending to a wonderful story. And the possibility of a sequel makes me so excited!!

babykid528 04/11/06 - 05:53PM 1: Every You (Nick)
This was such an incredible fic! I really loved it! It was really lovely! ^_^

gambits_wings 04/11/06 - 11:55AM 17: I Know
Great fic hun, i hope you do a sequel x

NicksAngel 04/11/06 - 09:16AM 17: I Know
Oh, how sweet chapter. I do hope you manage to write that sequel. :-)

kennedy 04/11/06 - 05:51AM 17: I Know
So sad to see it end! But that last sentence... what have you got planned? :)

Author's Response: I'm *hoping* that there's going to be a sequel if I can get my ass in gear enough to sit down and write it!

LoneWolf13 04/10/06 - 06:17PM 16: I do
Ya gotta love the smut ;)

SubwayGirl1979 04/10/06 - 02:46PM 16: I do
AWSOME! That was such a great chapter!!!!

kennedy 04/10/06 - 11:37AM 16: I do
Only one chapter to go! Eeek!

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