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Reviews for Miles Apart

Callista_Mythol 03/14/06 - 07:40AM 1: 1/1
Ah that's what I'm talking about! No easy acceptance but a promise to work through this. 'Cause I really hate instant "I totally forgive you fics" , I'm still all rilled up from whatever they argue about whilst the character just shrugs it off. THIS i love though. Greg better work hard!

Wojo 03/14/06 - 04:53AM 1: 1/1
thanks for continueing this. that was great, the boys together again. Would love some make up sex though!

kennedy 03/13/06 - 08:13PM 1: 1/1
Bad Greg! Good Greg! Happy now. That was sweet.

Author's Response: Why thank you :)

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