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Reviews for Loved and Lost

miracleromancer 01/29/07 - 03:13PM 1: Loved and Lost
WAIT! Doesn't the priest or whatever who is marrying them say "Does anyone here have a reason why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your piece"? Then again, it would make a scene...but great story however sad =(

black_cat 08/13/06 - 08:23AM 1: Loved and Lost
That was really sad! *sob* But it was cruel of Nick to invite Greg to his wedding. Poor guy. =(

violet_eyes 03/04/06 - 04:14AM 1: Loved and Lost
Oh, this broke my heart! Short and bittersweet and absolutely wonderful...reminded me of my favourite part of 'Men In Black' where Will Smith says"It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"and Tommy Lee Jones looks at him and snaps"Try it." *applauds heartily*Well done!

LoneWolf13 02/28/06 - 06:37PM 1: Loved and Lost
How sad poor Greggy. I'm gonna need some tissues now! *goes off and cries*

NicksAngel 02/28/06 - 11:42AM 1: Loved and Lost
Oh, that was so sad. It's true, there nothing worse in this world than to see someone else have the person you love. *Sniff* Short but lovely story.

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