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Reviews for Painful Journeys

DeathFaerie 08/15/06 - 05:52PM 13: Little Steps
This story ahd me running te gammut of emotions: sadness, anger, happiness. I loved it! And who says that Nick and Greg always have to be sleeping together? I think this was even better because they weren't.

ItGlitters 05/09/06 - 10:47AM 13: Little Steps
It's so horrible that I didn't read this sooner - someone recommended it to me recently and I just wanted to say that it was really amazing!

ScarletFBL 05/04/06 - 07:08PM 5: Call Waiting

LoneWolf13 02/04/06 - 04:02AM 13: Little Steps
You are such an amazing writer! I have loved all of your stories I have read so far, and this one in particular was just absolutely amazing!! :)

Author's Response: Wow, you reviewed every chapter! That's incredible, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them all, you can thank Shacky for letting me post them here despite the lack of slash. Thanks for all the kind words, it really makes writing worth it. No problem on the Greenday references, I love those guys and I can imagine Greg would too. Thanks again for reviewing so many times, it really is much appreciated. Goody/Robinyj (I really have to pick a username)

LoneWolf13 02/04/06 - 03:44AM 12: Reconciliations Upon Waking
“I killed a man, I killed him.” “For me.” Simple and yet extremly powerful and emotional.

LoneWolf13 02/04/06 - 03:20AM 11: What Needs to Heal, the Body or the Mind?
Poor Nick with all of that guilt built up inside him, and he has no idea how much of a positive impact he has made on Greg.

LoneWolf13 02/04/06 - 02:50AM 10: Hurt Him to Help Him
Why must you toy with my emotions like that!! Greg can't die!

LoneWolf13 02/04/06 - 02:18AM 9: Not Just Another Crime Scene
I started to get all teary eyed when Catherine was on the phone with Warrick.

kennedy 02/04/06 - 02:11AM 13: Little Steps
Wow, wow, wow! That's all I can say, really. All your stories are fantastic.

LoneWolf13 02/04/06 - 01:54AM 8: What You Don't Know Can Scare You
Please no don't let Greg die!

LoneWolf13 02/04/06 - 01:34AM 7: Pain and Rescue
Wow is all I can say. *must read next chapter now!!*

LoneWolf13 02/04/06 - 01:15AM 6: Humor and Hope
I really thought you wrote Nick and Greg's conversation very well, it seemed very realistic.

LoneWolf13 02/04/06 - 12:52AM 5: Call Waiting
Oh my gosh Nick's speech was so beautiful and Greg taking Nigel down! This story is so amazing!

LoneWolf13 02/04/06 - 12:32AM 4: Memory Lane
Argh Nigel is such a sick and twisted SOB! At least Grissom got a hold of Nick. There is still hope!

LoneWolf13 02/04/06 - 12:11AM 3: You Can Never Go Back
Eww Nigel is creepy! Hopefully Grissom and the team will find something!

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