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Reviews for Losing Perspective

therealwildchild 08/09/06 - 04:35PM 1: Chapter 1
haha. I just played connect the dots with myself and realized that you are Goody from I was like whoa this person's writing is a lot like...oh wait it is... Besides, I don't even know where that thought came from. No one's angst skills can even parallel yours.

anmani 02/08/06 - 11:45AM 1: Chapter 1
This is very very good. I have a great love for angst and this is a fine piece there of. And very refreshing that it is a friendship story instead. I love slash don't get me wrong, but I love to see every angle explored.

gambits_wings 02/03/06 - 11:05AM 1: Chapter 1
loving your storys, please write more xx big basket of cookies coming your way x

kennedy 02/03/06 - 01:19AM 1: Chapter 1
I think you're going to be swamped by cookie baskets! These stories are fantastic, and so well-written.

LoneWolf13 02/03/06 - 12:28AM 1: Chapter 1
For that awesome story I'll make you a dozen cookies! I really loved the story and it is definetly going in my favorites :)

Rhardin 02/02/06 - 07:48PM 1: Chapter 1
Do you want Greg or Nick shaped cookies? I also have been know to give out hotdogs as well. Nice story. so glad you posted it here.

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