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Reviews for Thoughtless Consequences

Elle 02/18/08 - 12:18AM 1: Chapter 1
"I'll take care of Nicky, that big softie, he's a pushover. A little coughing, a little 'oh, my head hurts' and he's putty in my hands..." LOL!!! that is my favourite line by all the fics i've read on this site and i've read prolly 95% of it lol...just perfect! i loved this story for all its greg/nick goodness ....thank you!

DeathFaerie 08/14/06 - 09:36PM 1: Chapter 1
I often wondered what happened to Greg after that episode. Good job!

LoneWolf13 02/02/06 - 08:10PM 1: Chapter 1
That was really good. I liked how the team sort of turned it into a mini case to figure out what was wrong with Greg. Thanks for sharing this story. :)

shacky20 02/02/06 - 06:17PM 1: Chapter 1
You have so made my day. You put this story up here, and this was my first story I read by you. I loved it, perfect post-ep for LTSB, and Nick taking care of poor Greggo, then the conern when he passes out, and telling him just to keep breathing, I loved it. Thank you for sharing these.

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