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Reviews for The Accident

Claire_D 08/21/06 - 01:21PM 1: 1/1
Squee this is great :D

shacky20 02/03/06 - 08:49PM 1: 1/1
This was just too adorable, I can so see Greg getting his ass kicked at playing football, but I'm sure the kiss made up for a lot. Great job

Madison 01/19/06 - 01:05AM 1: 1/1
hehe! Nick has to know that Greg's made for tickles and not tackles! Cute story! Can't imagine Greg playing football against guys twice his bulk!

Rhardin 01/18/06 - 10:14PM 1: 1/1
oh poor Greg getting hurt like that. I hope NIck takes good care of him. heck i take good care of him. NIcely done!

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