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Reviews for Kong

Madison 01/19/06 - 12:49AM 1: 1/1
My fav lines: “Well I liked the fact that I could kind of relate to the movie.” “Is it because you’re big and hairy?” Greg quipped and! “Yeah. I mean it just reminded me of us and all of the obstacles we had to overcome.” “Well at least we’re dating within the same species!” - I love Greg's humour always. He's a wonderful complement to Nick 'prim and properness' sometimes!

Rhardin 01/11/06 - 06:21AM 1: 1/1
very cute. just think Nick should of returned the i love you. maybe we'll get a hot monkey sex chap next? please.

Author's Response: Hmm that seems like a good idea for my next project! ;)

Author's Response: BTW Nick would have returned the "I love you" if Greg's hot mouth hadn't been on his! And after the kiss his horniness was clouding his mind ;)

puppytraining 01/07/06 - 11:47PM 1: 1/1
Great story! Loved the dialogue between the two...very believable and cute!

verisimilitude 01/07/06 - 09:46PM 1: 1/1
This is cute. I haven't seen the movie, but who doesn't know the plot of King Kong? Nice work.

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