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Reviews for CSI: The Suburbs

Yoshi 10/06/07 - 06:05PM 1: CSI: The Suburbs
That was laugh out loud funny. The little in jokes etc really make it. The Who song bursting out when they went to see the writing in the concrete - so so so funny. :-)

jean 05/13/06 - 02:00PM 1: CSI: The Suburbs
Oh why isn't this continued?! It's funny I like it! Lol it's like Stepford Housewives the CSI version. And everyone, I mean everyone, lives on the same street! It's hilarious really.

rejected_alibi 02/28/06 - 05:00PM 1: CSI: The Suburbs
Ok, that was seriously one of the funniest things I've read in a long time, Anthony Zuiker blaring The Who? Too funny, can't wait for more.

LoneWolf13 01/11/06 - 07:41PM 1: CSI: The Suburbs
That was so funny. I was laughing so hard I was crying! Especially when Anthony Zuiker played Who are you? and the neighborhood watch team didn't get it! Priceless! :)

ozzcrow 01/11/06 - 06:49PM 1: CSI: The Suburbs
I love your story. It was so funny. I can't wait to read more.

anmani 01/07/06 - 03:49PM 1: CSI: The Suburbs
This is just lovely. I enjoy AU's and I truly love your setup here. It would be nice to read more about the mad hatters running this neighbourhood. Oh and I adore those little fandom references. I love Sara, but Snickers just icks me.

Emily Rose 01/06/06 - 04:09PM 1: CSI: The Suburbs
Brilliantwork of art! I laughed the whole time! I actually got all of the jokes, and that's amazing for me, being a blonde and all. Anyway, keep up the amazing work! I love it! Consider me one of your dedicated readers!

iisangheh 01/05/06 - 08:43PM 1: CSI: The Suburbs
I LOVE IT PLEASE CONTINUE this is a hilarious story! i love the original concept AHHHHHH

mary 01/04/06 - 11:44PM 1: CSI: The Suburbs
OMG . . . Love it! Trying so hard not to laugh out loud 'cuz my family is sleeping. This is a great fic. Fav line: "Who likes Snickers anyways? Their gross." Awesome. And Ryan meeting Hodges at the Dukes of Hazzard movie? Too cute. Can't wait to read more. Continue please?

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