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Reviews for A Single Tear

csi_nikki 02/25/06 - 06:09PM 3: Chapter Three
awwww! that was so so sweet! i wuved it! so sweeeeeet! ~nikki

rhardin 01/14/06 - 09:23PM 3: Chapter Three
very nice ending i read it a while ago and i forgot to review, me the one who lives for reviews. sorry about that. please write more!

verisimilitude 01/07/06 - 09:44PM 3: Chapter Three
What a great ending. I'm melting into a puddle of warm goo. I really like this story, thanks so much for sharing!

Rhardin 01/05/06 - 05:06PM 1: Chapter One
oh much better. keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thnaks ;)

Author's Response: *Thanks (wow I must be tired!)

Rhardin 01/04/06 - 07:09AM 1: Chapter One
the spacing make's it kind of hard to read. you may want to put a space each time someone talks. other then that nice story

Author's Response: Thanks for the comment. I'm still getting used to html and was having trouble posting the story. I'll try to fix it :)

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