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Reviews for Inevitable

Dark CSI 04/17/07 - 08:26PM 1: Inevitable
That was incredible! Very powerful, and totally unexpected the way it played out. I loved Brass' line at the end 'he sure hung on for something'. Definitely one of the best drabbles I've ever read.

Claire_D 11/20/06 - 02:00PM 1: Inevitable
Oh wow very powerful

LoneWolf13 01/06/06 - 03:37AM 1: Inevitable
That was sooo amazingly good. I'm out of tissues now!! Keep up the good work I'd love to see more of these short drabbles.

rhardin 12/23/05 - 12:21PM 1: Inevitable
Oh wow, that was very shocking. a powerful little story. very nice work.

Dixie 12/20/05 - 10:06PM 1: Inevitable
Wow. I was not expecting that... oh the tears are almost here - I'm glad he hung on!!!

Jen 12/19/05 - 06:19PM 1: Inevitable
Wow! I am at a loss for words. That was so well written and really played with my emotions.I've read longer stories that are not nearly even remotely close to how good this is. I guess it just goes to show you that the length of a story isn't everything. Keep up the good work. PS I hope there is a sequel to this one ;-)

kinnetic 12/17/05 - 05:45PM 1: Inevitable
Oh my word, that packs a real punch. Grabbed me by the heart, flipped me around and left me speechless. I was literally holding my chest when I made it to the last word. Unbelievable. Very, very well done.

Madalyn Rose 12/16/05 - 10:02PM 1: Inevitable
Well that was unexpected, I was sure Nick was finally letting loose his pent up sexual frustration. Great work!

Author's Response: I love keeping people guessing as to what is actually going on, you think one thing, turns out to be the opposite. =)

verisimilitude 12/16/05 - 08:10PM 1: Inevitable
Holy Geez! I know you did this on purpose but I so thought they were getting it on and then... it got crushed. That really shocked me. Brilliant.

Author's Response: Yeah, I wanted a really evil twist! I'm glad that worked. =)

Crystal 12/16/05 - 05:14PM 1: Inevitable
Wow..Amazing Story =) Very good job

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it. =D

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