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Nick had finished processing the dress Anna was wearing when she was found and, since he had nothing else to do till Robbins finished the autopsy, he decided to take a lunch break. He made his way back into the main room and found Dr. Blanco and Agent Silva sitting at separate desks across the room from one another. Nick made the quick decision to join the lesser of two evils and sat across from Silva, who was tucking into a rather messy looking taco.

"Here Stokes, I got you some tacos from down the street, weapons grade hot sauce" Silva smirked and gestured to the spare food on the table.

Nick couldn't help but give the guy a genuine smile. A few hours ago he didn't even want to talk to him and now here he was, offering Nick food. It was a nice thought that maybe Silva was trying to start again after their tense moment in the car.

"Thanks...I was thinking, Silva...Maybe we got off on the wrong foot back in the car and I was kind of hoping we could start again?" Nick grabbed the taco from the table and watched carefully for Silva's reaction.

"I don't see why not. I should probably apologise to you for my behaviour when we first met. I'm not usually so...Rude" Silva replied, giving Nick a warm smile which didn't go unnoticed.

"No need to apologise man, I was pushing buttons and I shouldn't have poked my opinion in where it wasn't needed." Nick could feel his cheeks warm up when he noticed the smile from Agent Silva. Nick had to admit that the guy was pretty attractive. He'd noticed the Agent's strong features when they'd first met at the airport. The photo that D.B had given them before setting off so they knew who they were meeting really didn't compare to the real thing.

"All is forgiven...and please, call me Javier." Silva's brown eyes were focused right on Nick as he spoke causing Nick to blush even more.

"Alright, Javier...Now I don't want to cause another argument but...Have you read about this cartel massacre last week?" Nick had spotted the front cover of the local newspaper when he had seen four dead guys laid out across the front page and it had been bothering ever since.

"Three gunned down and one beheaded," Javier replied as if it was an everyday occurrence to see four men brutally murdered in the local paper.

"I've got them in the cooler right now." Dr Blanco added from his desk across the room. Nick was surprised by how blasť the two men were being about it, but he didn't want to start an argument with them whilst at the same time he needed to understand for his own sanity.

"The news treats it like it's something to celebrate, but look at these guys" Nick pressed the matter further, trying to put across his viewpoint.

"Murder sells papers, amigo" Javier replied as nonchalant as before.

"Yeah but it's different down here. I mean, these cartel guys are worshiped like celebrities. There are even songs written about their crimes." Nick's mind wandered back to a case he worked on some years before, involving the death of a young girl who was involved in the world of Narco music.

"Sure, but wasn't Vegas founded by criminals? You guys put your mobsters in a museum." Javier replied, challenging Nick's view point.

"That's history, not news." Nick didn't pretend to know much about mob history, that was Greg's expertise. The thought of Greg tugged at his chest causing him to momentarily go quiet.

"Right, so who do you think buys all the drugs? Place like Sin City. Come do whatever you want. No cartels without customers." Javier was playing up to the hatred for American culture, in particular the seediness that engulfed Las Vegas' culture. Nick felt irritation building up inside him and he glared at Javier. He knew what he said was right. Las Vegas did have a drug problem and it came with the whole Sin City life, but it doesn't excuse celebrating murder and violence. Suddenly something caught Nicks attention on the newspaper. Something he'd seen somewhere before already today on Anna's clothes. He grabbed the paper and stormed into the cold store to confirm his theory. He realised that his sudden exit from the room could be considered rude or that perhaps he wasn't too happy with what Javier had said, however that was far from it.

"I think you hurt his feelings." Dr Blanco commented to Javier.

"Don't get me wrong Stokes, you hook me up with a deal at Caesars and I'm there." Nick could hear Javier shouting after him but ignored the failed attempts at humour, he had more important things to do right now.

Making his way into the cold store he grabbed his torch and held it up, allowing the light to illuminate the stacked shelves where the bodies were being kept and he began to look for the figures from the photograph.

"Something wrong, Nick?" Doc Robbins had seen Nick make a beeline for the bodies and figured something was going on.

"These men were all slaughtered in a cartel hit last week. That paper shows corn husks on the ground...It's all over these bodies." Robbins could see the cogs begin to turn in Nick's mind as he pieced the puzzle together.

"That's the same trace as we found on Anna Ortiz." Robbins completed Nick's train of thought. Either this was cross contamination or they were dealing with bodies from the same dump location.


Greg wandered into Hodges' lab, looking to collect some evidence for his case when he spots Hodges shouting at his laptop screen.

"Have you finally lost it?" Greg asked the playful tone evident in his voice.

"Ha ha. Funny. No I was just talking to Doc Robbins when the signal cut out." Hodges began bashing keys on the keyboard trying to fix the problem.

"Did it cut out...Or did he cut you out?" Greg asked with a smirk as he approached the other side of the desk.

"What do you want, Sanders?" Hodges replied, annoyance written all over his face.

"I came to see if you had anything for me from that evidence I dropped off earlier, but clearly you were preoccupied with Mexico." Greg's voice became slightly bitter when he mentioned Mexico. He was really beginning to dislike the country, and he hadn't even been there.

"Someone sounds antsy. Is it cause lover boys sunning it up down in Mexico city with his new pal Javier?" Hodges tried to make the name sounds sexual just to mess with Greg.

"What are you talking about?" Greg snapped.

"Oh, just something Doc Robbins mentioned." Hodges knew he was getting to Greg and that's what he wanted, to wind him up.

"Well, what did he say?" Greg asked genuinely getting worried now He was aware Hodges liked to twist the truth to wind him up, but this was Nick he was talking about and, with the doubts already in his mind, this was only making him more paranoid.

"He just said that Nick and Agent Silva had gone out into cartel property in search of the dump site.", Greg's stomach twisted at the thought of Nick out in the middle of cartel country with only one man keeping him safe. "And who knows what could happen...Dangerous situation...Only having each other for protection...That sure takes a lot of trust for another person...Who knows what could develop." Hodges was definitely annoying him now.

"Just because this Silva guy is their guide on this trip doesn't mean Nick's going to run off into the sunset with him!" Greg snapped, his anger clear now.

"Alright, suppose you're right, but I've seen the photo D.B gave to Nick of Agent Silva and my word...I mean, I don't personally swing that way but if I were that way inclined...I know where my priorities would lie, if you catch my drift." Greg had finally had enough. He wasn't going to stand here and listen to Hodges talk about Nick that way, it was only messing with his paranoia even more.

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