Over the Border by jessymessy101 [Reviews - 0]

Nick and Doc Robbins were on their way to Mexico. They had decided to fly down and they were going to be met by their guide for the trip Agent Javier Silver. Nick was feeling excited about the trip down to Mexico, although it was cartel run and not exactly a safe area to be heading to he always enjoyed heading to the country something about Mexico called to him.

When he was a teenager he would go with his brothers down to the border just for something to do and they would watch the border patrol trucks race up and down the fence, looking for anyone trying to sneak across. Nick was never much of a fan of watching these people try and break through the fence only to be stopped at the last minute, but his brothers found entertainment in watching these people. Nick had wanted to hang out with his cooler older brothers so he kept his thoughts to himself. Nick and Doc Robbins were going to Mexico at the request of the Doc's friend, Gabrial, they were going to find out what happened to his daughter and bring back her body. Nick was doing this as a favor to Doc Robbins; he wasn't about to let the old man go to a cartel-controlled area without backup. However, it did mean leaving someone behind.

"Yo, Nick! Wait up", Nick was heading out to his truck, bag in hand when he heard Greg approaching across the car park.

"Come on G we've talked about this I'm going as a favor to the Doc, I'll be back in a few days", Nick sighed trying to brush off what was evidently going to be another argument. Greg had tried to stop Nick from going down to Mexico when Nick had announced it over dinner the night before going.

"Yeah, and what if you don't come back? What if you get caught up with the cartel?", Greg had also spent the last few hours trying to come up with all the reasons why it wasn't safe for Nick to go.

"We will have the support and protection of the local police department and we have gun vests, Greg I'll be fine honestly", Nick was trying to reassure Greg but he knew no matter what he said it wouldn't help. "I'm going to get in this truck, pick up the Doc and head down to Mexico, I know you don't approve but can we at least part friends?" Nick attempted. Greg avoided Nick's gaze and scrubbed his hands through his hair in frustration.

"Alright, fine but if anything and I mean anything happens or you need anything you let me know." Nick nodded in agreement and gave Greg a cheeky half smirk.

"Alright, I can agree to that, now...do I get a kiss goodbye or...?" Nick's smirk became a big toothy grin as he watched Greg's frustration melt away and he smiled back at Nick.

"Nope", Greg smiled rolling his eyes he turned on his heel before heading back to the elevator.

"Come one G don't leave a guy hanging!" Nick shouted at Greg's retreating form.

"You can't just Stokes your way out of this one Nick, you come back safe and we'll talk" Greg shouted over his shoulder, blindly pressing the button to the elevator, Nick knew that beyond the playfulness Greg was pissed.

Nick scowled at the memory that had happened mere hours ago.
"Something on your mind Nick?" Doc Robbins voice broke the silence of the car and Nick out of his memory.

"Ah you know just thinking about Greg, he wasn't happy about this little trip" Nick laughed awkwardly.

"He'll be okay Nick its not like we're going into a war zone" Robbins was right but Nick couldn't help but think about what Greg had said, what if something did happen to them.

"I know that man, I do but it's tough being away especially when he wasn't too happy about us going," he explained.

"Relationships can be tough, but you guys have been together a long time now you'll work past it" Robbins added, he had known Nick and Greg were an item from the beginning.

"It's been tough lately you know, Greg and I have been arguing a lot about the stupidest things really, stress of the job mixed with the lack of sleep I don't know it gets messy", Nick hadn't intended on giving Doc the issues in his relationship but it was nice to have someone to talk to about it and the Doc didn't seem to mind.

"Maybe you two need to take some time off together, take a holiday. When my wife and I feel like we've reached a point where the arguments outweigh the good times we take a step back and address it". Robbins was a fountain of wisdom when it comes to affairs of the heart, he had been with his wife for a long time and clearly, something was working so Nick took note.

"Yeah you're probably right, I just hate that we've reached that point, I thought Greg and I were solid" Nick sighed.

"Every good relationship has its rough patches you just have to be willing to fight for it" Robbins replied.

"I don't know if there is anything left to save", Nick knew in his heart that wasn't true but the seed of doubt had well and truly been sewn.

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