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essential_red 06/30/08 - 06:48AM 1:
I was so worried that Greg would leave and never come back. *sniffle* I loved it; as usual your work is brilliant! I am secretly pleased I got to have a piece of Greg, though it hurts my heart to think it would cause Nicky grief. -Laura

lab rat 09/02/07 - 11:01AM 1:
[hat was the best disguise I could ever hope for; it made my ears less noticeable.]I understand that the need of the time, but I like Greggo's ears, so adorable.Oh, Greggo bring Kristy to Lady Heather's, come to think of it there look like the right place she could be and she will like it.[ I wanted to go down to the jailhouse, spring Nick, go home, and fall asleep on a nice soft club owner. ]LOL, should we describe Mr Big as nice soft club owner? but.....he did had a soft spot for G.

itsxlexyxfoo 06/10/07 - 06:24PM 1:
ahhH!! is there more?!?!

anmani 09/19/05 - 09:13AM 1:
The fishtank scene is so beautiful and Nick realizing for the first time what the fish really look like. Just as he is finally finding out what Greg means to him. But oh his thoughts are scary. I mean he isn't that big a jerk is he? He must not stand Greg up, I mean that would be beyond cruel. Well I guess I'll just have to wait for the next chapter to see where this one is headed. Oh and I loved the kissing, so tender and soft.

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